Canada ends health guidelines for travelers

OTTAWA – Since Saturday morning, health instructions in place for travelers to stop COVID-19 are no longer in effect in Canada. So it is no longer necessary to have proof of vaccination to board the plane or to wear a mask.

However, if a mask is no longer mandatory, it will still be recommended.

As for visitors entering the country, they are no longer randomly tested and unvaccinated people no longer have to self-isolate upon arrival.

Anyone who has been in Canada for two weeks and thus had to self-isolate is now free from this restriction.

Additionally, travelers arriving in the country no longer have to submit a form through the controversial ArriveCan app. However, it can still be used to provide a permit for border services at some airports.

Earlier this week, federal ministers announced the end of health guidelines related to COVID-19. They said that the recent wave of the outbreak was waning and that the guidelines applied to travelers had not had much effect.

However, the Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, warned that the instructions could be imposed again, if necessary.

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