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Canada: Healthcare company accepts DOGE and prepares for SHIB and FLOKI

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The Canadian healthcare company is getting attention by expressing its willingness to back three of the most popular cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Floki Inu (FLOKI), reports cryptoglobe.

Cryptography in healthcare

Canadian Health Services Corporation Ask The Doctor (literally translated to “Ask the Doctor”), based in Toronto, aims to provide medical information in addition to health services.

Prakash Chand, co-founder and CEO of Ask The Doctor seems to be a huge fan of cryptocurrency. In fact, in April 2016, in a to interview to me Huffington PostPrakash Chand and Dr. Michael Warner, then chief medical officer, talked about the company’s acceptance of crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and five other digital currencies, as payment.

When asked why the company started accepting bitcoin, Dr Warner replied, “ In healthcare, most patients see patient privacy as a limitation on accessing the content of physician-patient interaction. For digital health, securing the content of such interactions is absolutely essential, but may not provide some patients with the level of privacy they need. Our clients share unique and sensitive information with us. Until we added bitcoin, our services had to be paid for by credit card or PayPal. For some, having a bank paper document documenting a transaction with Ask The Doctor does not provide them with a sufficient level of confidentiality.. »

«Another argument for adopting bitcoin payments is to increase the accessibility of our services. Credit cards are not available worldwide. In some cultures, women do not have the same financial freedom as men. Two thirds of our clients are women and we have clients in all developing countries. Our overall goal is to democratize access to healthcare, and bitcoin adoption aligns with that goal. ‘, he completed.

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Ask the doctor to decide whether to accept Dogecoin

On November 17, Ask The Doctor announced on Twitter that Dogecoin will be accepted as a payment method soon November 22.

Over the next few days, the company continued to advocate for DOGE and explain services that customers could pay for using the asset.

In the beginning, it was a healthcare company reluctant To provide support to othersmemecoinswho did not have their own blockchain.

But, on Tuesday, November 23, Ask The Doctor published a poll on Twitter asking its followers what other Dogecoin-inspired crypto assets the company should support.

Hours later, Ask The Doctor announced that the next cryptocurrency to be accepted would be Floki Inoue (Floki).

Finally, realizing that Shiba Inu got more votes than FLOKI in the poll, the company announced that it will suggest Also payments in shipp.

The Ask The Doctor example clearly shows that the adoption of cryptomones By businesses and companies as a means of payment is growing every day.

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