Canadian Armed Forces: Lieutenant General expelled for inappropriate comments

A lieutenant colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) was dismissed from his position on 7 December for making inappropriate comments.

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Philip Marcus led the IMPACT Air Task Force in Kuwait. Its mission was to ensure, among other things, the free and safe movement of people and goods.

The comments “show a disturbing deviation with our institution’s efforts to change our culture,” the ministry said in a statement sent to CTV News on Thursday.

«Ces allégations ont entraîné une perte de confiance dans la capacité du membre à diriger et à s’acquitter efficacement des fonctions associées à sa nomination en tant que commandant, et il a été immédiatement relevélement » de ses sé fonction declaration.

Mr. Marcus has been reassigned as a Staff Officer at the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Space Warfare Center at Trenton.

The reduction comes after a long series of investigations into ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct. In mid-December, the federal government offered an official apology to victims of misconduct and sexual assault who worked in the toxic environment within these institutions.

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