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Ontario residents reject Moderna vaccine in the third dose

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Nearly half of Ontarians refuse to receive the third-dose Moderna vaccine, it is reported world news Friday.

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That’s what Ontario Pharmacists Association President and CEO Justin Bates said, adding that these are not official statements.

“It’s based on conversations with pharmaceutical members who saw people leave when they found out it was Moderna. [D’autres] “Cancel their appointment or not show up,” Bates said.

This makes it difficult to convince people who expect to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, he said, even if Moderna is also a “very wise choice.”

There are two reasons why Ontarians refuse to receive the Moderna vaccine, according to Justin Bates.

The first is related to the fact that we know more about Pfizer and that this would lead citizens to unconsciously prefer the vaccine that this company produces.

For others, rejection is related to the uncertainty of mixing the two vaccines. In fact, since so many have received the vaccine from Pfizer, they “would rather have the same booster dose,” explained the CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists Association.

“However, we know that the effectiveness of our modernization is [plus grande] against Omicron and Delta variants. “It is safe and effective,” he said.

He has been particularly concerned about people “shopping for their vaccine” who may be less protected from the virus as they wait to get the vaccine of their choice.

“The best approach is to accept the vaccine that is available to increase protection for you and your loved ones,” Bates said.

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