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Canucks 3 CAD 5 | Do more with less

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Claude Julian is often able to give us detailed analyzes of some players. So far this season, he has had to comment again and again, for example, on the lead of two youngsters Nick Suzuki and Jake Evans.

Levranso cloudsLevranso clouds

Simon Oliver LawrangeSimon Oliver Lawrange

When you get to Josh Anderson, it’s easier. Like Tuesday night, after the Canadians beat the Vancouver Canucks 5-3.

“He skates really well and has a really good shot when he’s on the move. The other part, I’ve seen him tonight: He’s not afraid to go to the net and when you go to the net, pucks find you.”

Found, her washers! Anderson scored two more goals in the win. First, it is moving towards a tablet that was floating in blue paint. The second, by setting himself in the line of fire to drive away a puck disc sent by Brett Colak. Add to that the two “baseball” goals and you really get a player to score from a short distance.

less than a minute

Incidentally, Anderson could wake up Wednesday ahead in two of the National League’s stats categories: equal strength goals, as well as those in 60-minute increments.

Portrait of Robert Skinner, Los Angeles Press

Second goal by Josh Anderson

His six goals so far are evenly matched; As of this writing, he shared a high point with Brooke Boozer, but the Edmonton Oilers Company has been busy destroying senators in Ottawa again. His goals of 3.04 in every 60 minutes earned him 1is being Circle rank.

But what hides behind this data is a reality that affects other Canadian attackers: Minutes are limited, because they are distributed fairly. Much has been said about the victims of the new Canadian depth. Philip Danault and Paul Byron are the first two names to come to the fore. Another is Artturi Lehkonen. Anderson’s name should be added to this group.

Here it is at 13:51 hours average use time so far this season. He has also been fired from PowerPlay units since Corey Perry replaced Joel Jeremiah. He regained his place on Tuesday, in the absence of Alexander Romanov, but we understand that he is far in the hierarchy in this aspect of the game.

At Columbus, Anderson played 16 minutes in every game last year, despite running out of fuel. In his first full season, he averaged 18 minutes!

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For a player who won a 7-year contract in Montreal, valued at $ 5.5 million per season, this is an unexpected result.

“This is the coach’s decision. We have depth, and it would be silly not to use it. I try to work hard everywhere.”

We can add the example of Lehkonen, who diffuses crazy energy with every existence, especially when the time comes to disturb the numerical advantage of the competitors. The situation is that even if he didn’t have such a limited role, he was rarely noticed much since his arrival in Montreal.

Thorn in the foot

We move in the middle of the third period, Tuesday. The Danault trilogy suffocates the opponent as we’ve seen so much in recent years. Ben Chiarot invites himself to the party, walks around the attack area and passes to Danault, who shoots one knee into the ice.

Thatcher Dimco succeeds in stopping. Danault falls on his stomach with the momentum of his shot. He hits the ice with his stick and says a few words that do not appear to be intended for a particular interlocutor. We can guess the vocabulary used. We also think the proverbial confidence is not there.

It’s the same Danaolt who missed the chance to score on the cliff three times on Saturday, and it’s the same Danaul who scored only three assists, and had no goals, ten games later.

Julian was asked about this trio before Tuesday’s match. “I feel like we’ll see more of that streak as the season progresses because they can play a little better, even if they don’t play poorly.”

All Danault indicators are poor. To change the minutes, let’s look at the confrontations. Tuesday, Suzuki took 22, Evans, 18, Danault, 13. If there is one untouchable area, it is there. Suzuki ended the night 36% on the showdowns; To be sure, his success in this area was not often delegated.

Anderson and Lehkonen showed that reduced use time did not imply a decrease in performance. Julian must hope that Danault finds the same recipe for success as his team-mates. Because in a team that is showing a record 7-1-2, it is difficult to see the coach redeploying everyone’s responsibilities just to revive a player and his hat-trick.

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in detail

Advocates in action

Josh Anderson scored his first goal by snatching a return shot by Ben Shiarot. Then the second is via a disk letter sent by Brett Colak – a formula imitated through the association between Joel Edmundson and Tyler Toffoli. Last weekend, Claude Julian made it clear that his defenders were not responsible for the attack, but in support of it. And that’s exactly what happened against Canucks. “They are doing a lot of work to find a way to get access to the network,” said Tyler Toffoli. We had examples [mardi] Good evening with kind readings and patience. Julian, for his part, stressed that he wanted from his back “to limit the shots that will be blocked.” He said, “When you shoot from the blue line, you have to make sure the disk can reach the net, if not the target for the sticks.” I think they have done a good job in this aspect so far. ”

And three for Allen

Jake Allen scored his third victory in four matches on Tuesday. Ironically, despite his 36 saves in 39 shots, we felt he was less in control than he was last Saturday against Calgary Flames, when he lost despite a flawless performance. “No matter how many shots I have to do my work,” Allen summed up. Antoine Roussel, in particular, inherited two generous returns in the first and second stages; The first precedes a shot on the post, and the second ends with a goal. However, it was the final goal of the match, late in the third, that Allen wanted to see again, as Tanner Pearson did five times before scoring. “I thought I got a pinch, but it fell out of my glove. The New Brunswick goalkeeper indicated I was hoping to stop the players.”

An unusual setback

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen Tyler Toffoli’s second goal – he will frequently appear in the season’s top goals over the next few months. In the second half, No. 73 found himself head-to-head with defender Jordi Benn. He totally knocked it out by bringing a puck towards him at his feet and then zipping it to his left before sending a backhand shot to goalkeeper Thatcher Demko straight from the guide. “Yes, that was an amazing goal,” Toffoli said, smiling, slightly embarrassed, at a video conference. Jake Allen commented on how difficult it was to stop a back kick shot at goalkeepers. He said, “A lot of the men don’t know where to shoot, they just want to hit the net.” Disappointed by the loss, Demco said he would have to watch the footage several times to see if he could “do things differently”. “I might have read his body language better … but it was a good shot,” he admitted.

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Tyler Toffoli

Alone, his target must open with a backhand in front of the doors of the Hall of Fame. And pass it on to Geoff Petrie instead of completing a hat-trick in the blank net? Let’s go for the Medal of Canada.

In decline

Corey Berry

He had a good chance to score for the power game, but he was invisible.

Match number


This is the showdown success rate of Jake Evans. We also note that he and Nick Suzuki captured 40 of the 72 encounters in this game. Claude Julian confides in his youth.

‘Confidence comes with action’

When the season kicks off like we did, it builds confidence. But men are smart enough to know that confidence comes with work. It was a good challenge, especially in the third period; The Canucks tightened things up, but we managed to stay in the game and find a way to win.

Claude Julian

We have a lot of fun now. We do things well as a team, the players have good lines. We have to keep working together and try to improve. We are on the right track.

Tyler Toffoli

If we had a two-goal lead, I would have been more selfish. But Jake [Allen] I played well, I didn’t want to spoil his evening. And I couldn’t give the tablet [Jeff] Petri …

Tyler Toffoli, who did not attempt to complete a hat-trick in the blank net

I think we played a good game, definitely better than the day before. But it’s ugly to lose, even under the circumstances. […] [Le Canadien] He has a really good team, playing against him is a lot different this year.

Elias Peterson

I want to win the game, I don’t care who scores against us. I will not congratulate anyone. Victory is the only thing that matters to me.

GT Miller was asked about Tyler Toffoli’s great goal

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