Carcassonne: Shots Along the Canal by Jean-Marie Pesset

Yesterday, the author and director filmed the opening sequence of his movie Girl and Boy: We Were There.

DrIn the team, the average age should be 25! “ Stage director, cinematographer, camera assistants, mechanic, chief electrical or sound engineer: for filming girl and boyJean-Marie Bessette has surrounded himself with a whole new generation of magicians of the seventh art who work collectively, always off-screen, to tell stories on the big screen. Their names are Declan, Jocelyn, Louis, Katyn, Aiden, Theo… “In all, there are 27 of us working on this movie.”, they define. If shooting starts on Monday in Limoux, it will be “reduced configuration” who traveled to Carcassonne yesterday afternoon on the banks of the Canal du Midi in the extension of the station.

Place the camera at the edge of the channel.

The team members, who had been filming in the morning at the Leucate lighthouse, arrived on a truck carrying all the equipment needed for sequencing needs. The sequence is important, as it will be the opening of the film. Therefore, Limoux’s author and director took the time to choose the exact place to place his camera, with team members waiting a few minutes for the meeting point to be communicated to them. The pole, monitors and targets are thus placed on the edge of the track, so as to leave the road free for pedestrians and other mountain bikers.

The actors arrived about thirty minutes later: if Ariel Dombasle was really in this feature film, then she did not participate in these scenes dedicated to the young couple played by Mina Cavani and Luca Miliava. This movie is an adaptation of a play that I wrote but was never edited.Jean-Marie Pesset explains. At first, I wanted to replay the opening sequence of “Hôtel du Nord” by Marcel Carnet, where this young couple crosses a footbridge and then sits for a few moments on a bench by the canal”.

No photoshoot without applause!

No photoshoot without applause!

The front, wide, is gradually put into place. The actors put themselves in a bank while the camera and the art team are on the other side. After giving his instructions to the actors, the director walks around and notices the tire … under the curious gaze of the vacationers on the boat. Jean-Marie Pessier would also take advantage of the passing of a boat to launch the first catch, in order to put it into plan. There is no cheating then in managing this A love story between a married couplewhose images will remain immortalized until the beginning of September.

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