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Celebrates prehistoric science at Tautavel

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Researchers from the University of Tautavel branch and staff from the Museum of Prehistory participated in a three-day science festival in the In cube building on the university’s campus. The theme of this 30th edition was feelings. In this context, the workshop suggested playing the role of an archaeologist and reclaiming the feelings of discovery, from excavation to the study of the objects that have been brought out. The workshop consisted of five different locations: excavation, pollen, animal bones, human remains, and stone tools. The elementary classes were able to test the knowledge newly introduced in the class and the younger ones were able to learn about excavation techniques. Students in the first year of their BA in Art History and Archeology came to meet part of the research team and were able to discover the different prehistoric disciplines that they would study throughout their studies. Students of the first year of the Quaternary and Prehistoric Masters are invited to begin the practice of disseminating knowledge in schools and the general public. The workshop was attended by no less than twenty classes on Thursday and Friday and nearly 400 people attended on Saturday.

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