Cervical cancer screening awareness for Mahor women

In France, nearly 1,000 patients die every year from cervical cancer. At the same time, approximately 3,000 cases of these cancers are detected annually, hence the importance of screening.

In 10 years, the woman’s behavior has already changed. REDECA, the cancer screening network, has observed regularity in patients between the ages of 25 and 45.


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On the occasion of the European Week of Cervical Cancer Prevention from January 25 to 31, REDECA has mobilized MAYOTTE for cervical cancer screening. In the face of the numbers of 3000 women with this cancer in France, which caused the death of 1100 people, the association has intensified its work.

European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

This disease is viral and transmissible, and it can develop and invade the uterus if done late. Finding the disease in the initial stage is a priority for the association.

There is still reluctance among women in the age group 45 and over. Doctors suggest that a person caught early enough has a better chance of a cure.

In Mayotte, an average of 5,000 cervical swabs are performed annually.

Cancer Screening: Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

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