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The role of general manager for Canadians is not a job like any other job in the NHL. What’s even more special now is that Canadians’ new vice president of hockey operations, Jeff Gorton, will have to choose who will be the team’s next general manager, knowing he’ll have to find a candidate with whom he will be really comfortable.

There are several names currently on the table and here’s what we know about the candidates.

Matteo Darci

For two seasons now, Mathieu Darche has worked for Lightning and has served as Assistant General Manager at Julien BriseBois since that season. We’re talking about a serious candidate, who’s seen his name engraved twice on the Stanley Cup since arriving with Lightning, for the GM position with the Canadians. Darche played nearly 160 games for the Canadiens before retiring in 2012. He is set to take the role of general manager in the NHL while he is also a candidate for the vacant position with the Anaheim Ducks.

Daniel Brier

To meet Daniel Brière, the Canadians will need to request permission from the Flyers to speak with him as he is part of the team’s player development department. He has been President and Governor of the Maine Mariners for three years and it is clear that his name is spreading among Canadians. Furthermore, I was allowed to know that Brière was the pick (as GM) for Scott Mellanby if the latter had been given the position of VP of Hockey Operations, a position now held by Jeff Gorton. As per the circulating information, Daniel Brier would like to work for Canadians. He played 69 matches with the Montreal team in 2013-2014.

Martin Broder

Martin Browdor is the NHL’s record-breaking goalkeeper and is currently the Devils Vice President and Hockey Operations Consultant. My impression is that he has no plans to change roles anytime soon. During a phone conversation before the team left for Minnesota, Browdor told me he’s not yet ready to put in all the necessary energy that comes with the general manager position, who still has young children. “I love my role as an advisor to the president and I may have more time in a few years to get a very demanding CEO position. But at the moment I don’t think that’s what I want to do.”

Roberto Longo

Another name to remember is Roberto Longo, who also had an impressive career in the NHL. He has worked for three years as a special advisor to the Panthers general manager and is responsible for the team’s goalkeeping department. In addition to this, he is the Assistant General Manager of Doug Armstrong for Team Canada.

Selon les informations qui circulent présentement, Luongo est très bien avec les Panthers et il faudrait beaucoup pour qu’il quitte le sud de la Floride, mais ceci ne veut pas dire qu’il n’a aucteur inténée direct de sud de la Floride , exactly the contrary. If Jeff Gorton asks for permission from the Panthers to speak with him, everything indicates that he is willing to listen again according to the information circulating.

Martin Madden Phils

Martin Madden Jr’s experience as a scout is illustrated as he served as the Dukes Amateur Scout Manager from 2008 to 2020, having served as Assistant General Manager Training at Anaheim for two seasons. Expect him to get a call from Jeff Gorton, unless the latter already had a brilliant idea of ​​his choice. But it seems that a very specific selection process will be put in place. Martin Madden Fils can also be considered for the vacant GM position with his current team.

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There are also other candidates that could be added to Jeff Gorton’s list, but one thing is for sure, the quality of the people he has met for the position will not be in doubt.

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