Android: 10 new features revealed in a video

Google wants to give a nice gift to its users as the festive season approaches. Android has ten new features. And for drivers, there’s even more good news because this update focuses heavily on Android Auto. An increasingly supported version of the operating system is steadily increasing in popularity in modern cars. If all of these new features are rolled out for the next week, the last two features on the list will arrive soon without a specific date. Enough to enrich an already rich ecosystem that Google loves to polish (plus the mobile manufacturers with overlays).

The 10 new features that Android offers:

  • The home screen can now accommodate YouTube Music, Google Play Books, Google Photo People and Pets Widgets

  • Smartphones running Android 12 (Samsung Galaxy S21 or Google Pixel 6) can be used as keys for BMW

  • Family Bell notifications are available for home activities

  • A souvenir reel for every party is available in Google Images

  • Automatic reset of permissions for unused apps

  • Millions of new Emoji Kitchen combinations on Google Gboard

  • Turn on Android Auto automatically when the smartphone is connected to the car

  • Always active play button on Android Auto home screen to start playing your favorite song

  • Faster voice search button to find music

  • Android Auto’s intelligent responses allows the assistant to respond to texts faster with already recorded responses and personalized messages

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