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Chaos in Kabul: Body found in US C-17 landing gear

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The US military said on Tuesday that the US military had discovered “human remains” in the landing gear of a military plane that panicked Afghans stormed on Monday at Kabul airport. and open an investigation.

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The US Air Force will review all videos circulating on social media of the C-17 transport plane that has been chased by hundreds of people, some crazily trying to cling to its sides or wheels. Another video showed the same plane flying over Kabul, with two people appearing to fall into the void.

“In addition to uploaded videos and press reports of people falling from the aircraft upon departure, human remains were found in the landing gear of the C-17 when it landed at Udeid Air Base, Qatar,” US Air Force spokeswoman Ann said. Stefanik.

“The investigation will be thorough to allow us to obtain all the facts about this tragic incident,” she said in a statement.

The spokesman did not provide a full assessment or confirm information about a person crushed under the wheels of the plane prior to takeoff.

The C-17 had just landed and was loaded with equipment meant for US military reinforcements sent to Kabul to secure the evacuation of civilians.

“Before the crew could unload the plane, it was surrounded by hundreds of Afghans” who overran the runway after imposing the airport’s security limits, the spokesman explained. “Faced with the rapidly deteriorating situation around the aircraft, the crew decided to leave as quickly as possible.”

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