Remedy announces the preparation of a new version of the first two episodes on PS5, Xbox Series and PC

It has been almost ten years since the dark history of Max Payne It ended with a third adaptation of very good quality, distributed at the time of PS3 / Xbox 360. A story that began at the beginning of the twenty-first century on PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which carried the license to the rank of classic that distinguished TPS and a whole generation of gamers.

And since bringing old glories back to the front of the stage isn’t uncommon, why doesn’t our tormented hero deserve it? That’s what the studio was behind the saga, Treatmentwith financial support from rock gamesI decided to prepare by reproducing the first two episodes targeting the PC and the new generation of consoles.

Max Payne Too Old? Developers there cure

So these are them Max Payne And the Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne to be grouped, obviously, into one title, with the care and budget that any other AAA than the studio is entitled to, assures treatment In his press release,.

The developers will also use their Northlight main engine for this project, which includes a remastered real-world version of the original adventures, not just a graphic work. A potential direction that would make sense as far as the gameplay, despite pioneering the famous use of bullet time, is well worth checking out for better passing in the future.

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Moreover, the future is far from near, as following the agreement reached today between Remedy and Rockstar, the new version is currently in the design phase. So we’ll have to wait before we see the first images of Max Payne’s new look.

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