Charlotte Cardin and Martin Matt as a Duo in an Ad for Maxi

Charlotte Cardin joins Martin Matt in a duo of humorous and musical Maxi ads. This is the first time, in their six years of partnership as a spokesperson, that the comedian has accompanied a musical artist to promote the food chain.

In a field in the heart of a Quebec winter, Martin-Matt talks to a real Quebec pork-producing family. Behind them, none other than Charlotte Cardin plays a melancholy tune on the piano while the comedian’s speech is sprinkled with words and commentary sung in almost distress. Together, they claimed, people who are wary about buying maxi meat – including Quebec pork – are making the young family sad.

This parody concept is inspired by the imagination of Guillaume Bergeron, Associate Designer Editor and his team at lg2. For five years, he enjoyed working with Martin Matte on Maxi ads.

The designer explains, “Obviously we’re always trying to surprise. Martin is always ready for that and we’re involved in a great frenzy. With this concept, we liked the idea that Martin’s character uses the wrong manipulation. The original idea was to have an artist play the piano and be melancholy. With, in addition to , back singing By Charlotte Cardin, a very modern artist, she was perfect. Because everything you sing becomes beautiful and poetic. »

If the artist agreed to shoot two of his first commercials with them (one on Quebec pork and one on Quebec Puff which can be seen on TV and will be shown on Facebook on Wednesday), it’s because she was already very fond of Martin Martin’s humor, especially in his work with maxi.

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“It made him happy to embark on our creative journey, and the designer persisted, betting on the sleek and aesthetic side to create his ads. There was a little bit of improvisation between Charlotte and Martin on location, during the two days of filming: one per commercial.”

Martin-Matt was also happy to be photographed with Charlotte Cardin, the singer whose 17-year-old daughter listens “Non-Stop”. Although the piano commercial was filmed outside at -20°C.

“People often tell me, when an ad is shown: ‘Ah, this is the best,’” explains the 51-year-old comedian. The latter pays tribute to the audacity of Maxi and the work of Guillaume Bergeron and Jean-François Chagnon in the production and André Turpin in the picture (known for his work in cinema, no Sima in Xavier Dolan’s films). “I think if people forget the old and find the new better, the hit rate is good. [rires]. For this, I was happy that Charlotte was there, encouraged local buying, that local producers were happy and that people had fun. I think there is a lot of beauty and positivity in that. »

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