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Chasing Ex-hockey Player Danik Leesard | The defense argues that Corrections Canada has done nothing wrong

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In the civil lawsuit brought by Danick Lesard, the defense admitted that it was an “emotionally difficult case to argue”. However, despite all the sympathy she showed for the man who was pierced by the bullet in Ryan Wolfson, she said that the Correctional Service of Canada was not wrong in granting legal release for the perpetrator.

Veronique LuzonVeronique Luzon

The representative of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. A.H Nicholas Banks, Wednesday in Montreal court. Former hockey player Danik Lesard is demanding $ 3.2 million from federal authorities to grant him legal release to Ryan Wolfson during which he committed a series of murders and attempted murders.

Of course, with hindsight, and by analyzing the events that followed his arrest, one can be displeased with the corrections’ decision, given that after his legal release, he fled his home in a transition period and committed several serious crimes, pleading M.H Banks. However, he said, the corrections officers made no mistake in the initial examination. And this is the element at the heart of the contention, as it notably allowed Ryan Wolfson to serve the last third of his sentence in a halfway house.

There are many factors that a parole officer must take into account when determining whether to keep the offender in custody. “It is not an objective process,” M. emphasizedH Banks. One of the things that tipped the balance in favor of Wolfson’s legal release in 2012 was the fact that he was imprisoned for penetration, which is not a violent crime. In his file, we also note “no violent action since 2007” and the absence of illegal use of materials.

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MH Banks have also indicated the importance of the social reintegration of delinquents into our society. “What we’re ultimately aiming for is rehabilitation.”

However, Judge Bernard Gullen, of the Supreme Court, noted that the safety of the residents was also a key factor that must be taken into account before granting legal release of an inmate. The screening is done to protect the public, isn’t it?H Banks agreed with him.

Judge Gulin also posed several questions about the limits of the discretionary authority of the correctional release officers. He stressed that they certainly do not have an absolute mandate. Otherwise, it means that regardless of the decision, correctional release officers will never be held accountable. “MH Banks nodded, adding that the agents are not infallible.

Just like the first two times when Wolfson found himself in a house in the middle of the road, he ran away again in 2012. “Monitoring was enough,” yet he defended the defense.

A few months later, Wolfson committed several crimes, including the attempt to murder Danick Lesard on October 28, 2012.

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