Chris Rock throws slap jokes

Just over a month after receiving a slap in the face from Will Smith in the middle of the Academy Awards, comedian Chris Rock briefly re-emphasized the incident during a show in London.

Posted yesterday at 2:40 PM.

Veronique Larroque

Veronique Larroque

“I’m right, if anyone is wondering. I almost had my hearing back,” he told the crowd at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday, the British daily reported. telegraph.

After that, the comedian asked the audience to lower their expectations: they would not talk about the elephant in the room. “I will talk about it one day…on Netflix,” he says telegraph and other existing media.

“Your tickets were expensive, but not that much,” the comedian joked.

Recall that during the last Oscars, on March 27, Will Smith, dissatisfied with a joke about his wife, went up on stage and slapped Chris Rock, who was about to present an award. After the highly publicized incident, the Academy Board of Directors banned Will Smith for 10 years.

Chris Rock is currently on tour. After the UK, he will head to France before heading back to North America. He will be in Toronto on June 18th. A stop in Montreal is not planned.

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