Cinema: Clint Eastwood, an indestructible cowboy and a legendary career



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Clint Eastwood didn’t put his camera away. With 80 films to his name in 91, the Eastwood legend is still on the move. Monster, Twenty Hours movie image for Friday 12th November.

At the age of 91, Clint Eastwood is still touring. As a nod to his debut, the actor is back macho cry Under the guise of an old man Cowboy, lonely and silent. The film, delicate and touchable, holds Eastwood’s paste: That the director is recognizable, even adored by his peers. “The most incredible thing about Clint Eastwood is that of all of us the most eclectic, he’s a chameleon.”, Confie Steven Spielberg.

Clint Eastwood has brewed all kinds. social drama, western, Way MovieOr sports, true story or melodrama, his cinematography is impressive, and each of his films tells in its own way the story of America. “He is an outstanding storyteller, he knows how to tell a story and portray it admirably, and with him there is no blinking.”, explains Guillaume Evin, author of Clint Eastwood, The Last of the Giants, posted by Hugo Image.

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