CINÉSEPT is finally back in March: the program has been revealed

We feel as if we are in a dream, between reality and surrealism, a lot of feelings we experienced. […] We are really excited about thisthe president of CINÉSEPT, Sarah-Michel Thériault, rejoices when the 31st festival can finally be held.

She explained that Covid-19 has made it more difficult for the festival organizers to build the program due to the closure of cinemas and the postponement of certain films.

The festival will open with a musical performance by pianist Roman Zavada at the Convention Center Silent cinema revivaldescribes Sarah Michelle Terreault.

She adds that many of the films on the program are really worth a visit.

I can’t wait to see The Drunken Birds movie. In my opinion, it is a must. In addition, this film will represent Canada at the Academy Awards. »

Quote from Sarah-Michel Terriault, President of CENCEPT

Ms. Tyrault cites documentaries as one of her favorite films Spencer In the life of Mrs. Dee, lower jawFrench comedy, European animated film Josep and time snatchera film directed by Francis Leclerc that was scheduled to be released during the holidays

The Drunken Birds will represent Canada at the Oscars. It features, among others, Barley Antonio Guerrero, Helen Florent and Claude Legault.

Photo: Opal Films

The festival is set to conclude with Sarah Fortin’s Nouveau-Québec, which was filmed in Sept-El and Chevreville. This film tells the story of a couple who go to Schefferville to settle the sale of a chalet, but find themselves faced with a dangerous and unexpected situation. It stars Christine Beaulieu, Jean-Sebastien Korchesne, and Jean-Luc Canapé.

Activities other than showing films on the sidelines of the festival must take place in many public places in September.

The entire program is available on the CINÉSEPT Festival website (A new window).

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