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Commerce and Creativity: C2 Montreal Conference Returns In Person, Online…and Furious

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After releasing fully online 2020, C2 Montreal will perform next month online and in person at La Tohu.

Despite the presence of famous entertainment and commercial figures, the event must still comply with the stricter rules imposed by public health for this type of event compared to festivals, to the dismay of their organisers.

This hybrid format is a way for annual event organizers to revert to the traditional and slightly more popular format of previous years, while maintaining access to live online broadcasts, explains C2 Montreal president, Jacques-Andre Dupont.

“The 2020 online release has allowed us to renew and expand our customer base to find people who don’t have the time or the means to come to the site,” he said in an interview. Should. This allows us to offer two levels of experience: one in person, one that is a little more sophisticated, and one that is online, and is more accessible. “

This combination will be the norm in the small world of international conferences for at least a few years, Mr. Dupont believes, in part due to health restrictions that make business travel more stressful.

Renew, Reconnect, Reconnect

The organizer is also taking the opportunity to launch a stock in Public Health, which organizes holding events like C2 Montreal more aggressively than sporting events or festivals for the general public. “Francois singer Paul Pechy can attract more viewers than if he gave a conference,” explains Mr. Dupont. The latter wants to review the rules governing this event in order to allow it to accommodate a few hundred spectators.

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This year’s C2 Montreal theme consists of two letters: “re”. Renew, reconnect, reconnect… It embodies the resumption of activities heavily burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This leaves enough room to touch on other topics that are also in keeping with the times, such as diversity.

American actress, screenwriter and producer Vera Mindy Chokalingam, better known as Mindy Kaling and known for her role as a customer service actress on the American version of the desk, tops the list of characters invited on stage next month. You will talk about inclusivity and equality in the media and business world.

We’ll also see stars of a completely different kind, given the technological nature of C2 Montreal. Other speakers include NorthStar Earth & Space CEO and co-founder Stuart Payne. The Montreal Aerospace Corporation has made it its mission to ensure the safe movement of space objects orbiting our planet.

CEO of the Canadian Business Development Bank (and former Canadian ambassador to France and Monaco), Isabel Huddon, is also among the presenters. Professor Carl Moore of the McGill University School of Management is also on the list. Executives from Google, TikTok, and McKinsey will also be coming to bring their acquaintances to the stage.

If the strong themes of the 2021 C2 Montreal edition weren’t quite clear yet, the organizers explicitly wanted to choose more variety in themes and target audiences. For example: Ghislan Piccard, an Inoue of the Bissamet community and president of the First Nations Association of Quebec Labrador, is among the speakers. Our mission is to connect communities together and make an impact. We hope we can create more links with first nations business. “

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