Conservative Party | Leadership candidate Pierre Boulevard denounces the Great Replacement Theory

(Ottawa) Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Boulevard denounces the “Great Replacement” theory, which will be at the heart of the motives of the mass shooting author in Buffalo, New York.

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Stephanie Taylor
Canadian Press

According to Mr. Boilivry, this school of thought is “disgusting and incites hatred”.

In a written statement sent to the Canadian Press, the front-runner in the Conservative leadership race condemned the attack that left 10 people dead and three injured on Saturday. Police authorities indicate that a white gunman opened fire in a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood.

US law enforcement is still investigating online postings by the shooter, who allegedly addressed the theory that a plot was underway to reduce the influence of white people in society.

People who adhere to the “Great Replacement” theory believe that this change of guard will occur via the migration route. They also noted that the birth rate for whites is lower than for people of other origins. Some go so far as to say that this conspiracy is led by the Jews.

Mr. Poliver was responding in his statement to a Twitter post from one of his opponents in the Conservative race, Patrick Brown.

M. Brown a rappelé sur Twitter que Pat King, l’un des meneurs du soi-disant « convoi de la liberté » qui a pris d’assaut les rues d’Ottawa en février, a évoqué la théorie du « grand remplacement » par the past.

Since Mr. Boliever supported the “Freedom Caravan”, Mr. Brown urged him to “condemn this heinous act”.

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“It is with great pleasure that Patrick Brown take this shortcut – even for him,” Mr. Poliver wrote in his statement. I have supported truck drivers who complied with the law and protested peacefully for their freedom, but I also denounced the actions of individuals who broke the law, who erred and denied access to certain places. »

“She also condemned Pat King and his insulting remarks,” he added.

Responding to Boliever’s comments, a Brown spokesperson accused him of “reluctably making a statement when asked, rather than shouting a denunciation of all the programs you have”.

Chisholm Pouther wrote: “Flirting with these dangerous elements harms the vast majority of the Conservative Party and will cost us the next election if nothing is done.”

Acting Conservative Leader Candice Bergen also sent a statement calling racism abhorrent.

“The ‘Great Alternative’ conspiracy theory is supported by racists and stupidity. Conservatives unanimously condemn this stream of thought.”

Mme “While Canadians have the right to protest, they cannot unlawfully block or occupy certain places, or deliver hate speech,” Bergen adds.

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