Convergence in QUB in Quebec

Year after year, income Rate Publicity in particular stumbled upon financial reports from Kibecourt. From 2015 to 2020, they went from $964.5 million to $650.5 million.

According to Laval University Professor of Social Advertising and former Senior Director of Cossette Marketing Agency, Christian Desletts, Quebecour Media Not on a viable path, and they definitely had to find a way to compete with GAFAM [Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple et Microsoft]. One of Mr. Desle’s research themes is the digital transformation of media.

The dangers facing Quebec are not unique. All the traditional media that relied on advertising so far have failed to resist the web giants, who have captured the majority of advertising revenue.

By the end of the summer, the new QUB platform, which has already featured digital radio and music streaming services, will have a news feed dedicated to Quebec’s entertainment and information content on a website and mobile app. The so-called content exclusive It will be introduced in 2022, which could open the door to a paid component.

A solution to low income?

Thus, Kibecore will allow advertisers Get the best possible benefit from their advertising investment Thanks to the convergence of its ecosystem of 10 TV channels, three newspapers, about sixty websites and apps, 14 magazines and its network display in bus shelters.

This strategy will undoubtedly be synonymous with algorithms and artificial intelligence to adjust content and advertising based on user preferences – what they like or less. User consent to direct data collection will be required in order to address privacy concerns.

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Christian Desle sees it as a vehicle for the company To collect as much data as possible on all of its customers and connect different platforms to be able to provide advertisers with the possibility to implement more targeted campaigns.

He insists that this is what advertisers are looking for and finding in GAFAM. Kibecor will become a reliable alternative.

As we speak, Kibekor is already an outdated model, but what is put into place will be viable for at least the next 10 years.

Quote from:Christian Desle, Professor of Social Advertising, Laval University

The company headed by Pierre Carl Pillado did not answer our questions.

Various business models

In its competitor Radio-Canada, spokesperson Marc Pichette explains that a strategy of focusing content on a single personal platform like that of QUB is not in the cards. Advertisers can find their place in our world depending on our own strategy, he says. our structure [à plusieurs plateformes] It does justice to all of our offerings from a commercial perspective.

Mr. Bechet cites the recent creation of the Mordu platform as an example, Who collects all food content [de Radio-Canada] to ensure its discoverability, or the ICI platform, which allows watching TV content for free in exchange for ads.

For expert Christian Desîlets, the structure of the content presents, or its complexityAnd the It doesn’t matter to the advertiser as long as the target can be reached.

Advertising revenue from Crown’s French services has remained stable over the past five years, at around $138 million. Note that it also collects anonymous data to analyze its performance and user behavior, and to deliver the most relevant content and targeted advertising.

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Journalism It is also increasingly focusing on targeting ads by creating user accounts since last summer, to which sponsored content has been added.

Not all media goals are the same and each model has its advantages, provided it breaks even. As a listed company, Quebecor nevertheless faces the additional challenge of maximizing its profits and increasing the value of the company for the benefit of its shareholders.

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