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COP26 and the non-proliferation of fossil fuels

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At our exhibition this week, it is impossible to silence this “red alert for humanity” that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued last August in the first volume of the Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change. A very bleak report on what lies ahead if we fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In March, more than 2,000 scientists signed the ” Treaty to ban the spread of fossil fuels »: A way to adopt a global plan to abandon coal, oil and gas extraction.

Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

  • Rosa Galvez, an independent senator representing Quebec in the Senate, an expert engineer on pollution control, a professor at Laval University and one of the signatories to this “treaty”.
  • Eric PinaultAnd Professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Kuala Lumpur and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of Environmental Sciences.

After decades of international consultations, isn’t it time to review our way of fighting for the climate? How might the latest IPCC report affect climate action?

We talk a lot about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but we don’t talk much about decarbonization: what’s the difference? And what does that mean For a producing country like Canada, which has a powerful and influential oil lobby?

This Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty: Why does this parallel non-proliferation?

Has the pandemic put a brake on things, or can it speed up the realization that the climate wave will hit humanity hard, too?


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