COP26 | Greta Thunberg denounces Boris Johnson’s flights on a plane

(Stockholm) La militante pour le climat Greta Thunberg a dénoncé vendredi les voyages du premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson à bord d’un avion affrété par le gouvernement lors de la COP26 organisée chez lui à Glasgow, et a qualifié d’« hypocrite » le comportement des dirigeants mondiaux.

« La crise climatique n’est évidemment pas causée par les jets privés, mais il est un peu hypocrite […] She told AFP that world leaders (who live close to them, for example Boris Johnson, arrived in Glasgow on a private plane while trying to solve the climate crisis).

Coming directly to Glasgow (UK) since the G-20 meeting in Rome at the end of October, Boris Johnson joined Scotland, where the World Climate Conference was held until November 12, on a plane chartered by the British government.

He also took this plane back to London, a more polluting mode of transport than a train. The conservative leader will then use this last means of transportation to return to the convention.

Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city, takes an hour by plane from the UK capital, while the journey can take more than five hours by train.

Whatever, “that doesn’t send the right message,” denounced Greta Thunberg, who traveled by train from Stockholm to attend COP26.

On Friday, the activist was on her first school strike for the climate in the Swedish capital since the conference ended last weekend.

The Glasgow Climate Charter, adopted on Sunday after two weeks of hard negotiations by 200 countries at COP26, aims to speed up the fight against global warming, without ensuring it contains 1.5 degrees Celsius or responding to requests for aid from poor nations.

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After concluding this agreement, Greta Thunberg regretted reducing the size of the conference to “such and such and such”, repeating the accusations she had already made against world leaders.

“I find it strange that some people see this as a victory, because what criteria does this set for future COPs? How can we learn from this COP if we don’t admit that it is in fact a failure,” she said.

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