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COVID: With restrictions eased, flu and GI are back too

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Winter illnesses have not said their last word. After two years of lull, it appears that influenza and contagious epidemics are beginning to emerge. And the healthy context will not exist for nothing.

In its latest epidemiological bulletin devoted to influenza, the French public health authority noted “Continuous increase in all influenza indicators. From now on, all regions are in an epidemic situation, as Corsica joined the entire French capital in this eleventh week of the year.

Sharp rise in influenza

In one week, the incidence of influenza-like illness consultations per 100,000 residents increased by 51%, while visits to the emergency room and hospitalization for influenza-like illness increased by 38%.

On the gastronomic side, the pollution curve also appears in France Sharp increase in recent weeksAccording to data provided by Géodes (Public Health France).

For WHO, the increase in indices of these typical winter diseases can be compared to a decrease in barrier gestures and a relaxation of restrictions.

Low immunity and barrier gestures

And indeed, since students returned to class after the February vacation, and since March 14, the date on which the government announced the end of the compulsory wearing of masks.

The emergence of an influenza epidemic “It is very likely that this will be preferable by the end of the winter school holidays and the relaxation of measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic,” Also explained SPF with AFP.

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Thus, like the previous winter, confinement and barrier gestures contributed greatly to reducing the spread of winter viruses, and pollution fell sharply. At the same time, immunity to these same viruses also declined, favoring this recovery, which is currently being observed in France.

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