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Cute and fun, Kirby and the Forgotten Land charms critics

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Success or False, this is Kirby’s first attempt at a 3D world? Two days before the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land On the Nintendo Switch, many niche media have already started to comment.

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So far, critics overwhelmingly support this new installment in the fantastic franchise, although some feel that Kirby and the Forgotten Land It does not necessarily have the essence to compete with other Nintendo consoles, such as Super MarioEspecially.

Sure, most posts agree that the mythical magic of the little pink creature is working again and that Kirby and the Forgotten Land It masterfully blends platforms and combat sequences, without putting too much pressure on the player.

In this sense, it speaks a lot about a relaxing and enjoyable experience, which does not revolutionize its ambition, but is still a powerful new component of the Japanese franchise. This is what his average score of 85 on the review aggregator suggests. Metacritic.

More precisely, this is what some specialized media thought Kirby and the Forgotten Land:

Eurogamer – state ‘recommended’

“Like her ancestors, Kirby and the Forgotten Land [accueille les joueurs] With open arms, now more than ever, it’s a game for absolutely everyone, the go-to Platform 3D is perhaps the most important step forward in the series’ history.

Game Spot – 9/10

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is one of those games that is hard to play without constantly having an smug smile on your face. It is more than just an attractive and charming platform game with colorful visuals. It is one of the best gaming platforms on the Nintendo Switch. “

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GamesRadar – 4.5 / 5

“There is nothing to hinder my enthusiasm for what the future may hold for the show. Kirby and Forgotten Earths truly is fun from start to finish.”

IGN- 8/10

“Despite the change in perspective, Forgotten Land retains most of what I love about classic Kirby games – and if the future holds more 3D adventures for our hungry pink hero, I’ll be more than happy to face it. Swallow.” – 17/20

“Everything is simple of course, but it works and it’s hard to leave the console. So yes, the world is less open than we thought, yes you will find a few real challenges there, but we quickly forget that once you launch the game. It is a breath of fresh air that feels good and is an excellent portal into the world of Kirby.

Nintendo Live – 9/10

“This first installment in the fully 3D series is full of fun and innovation, and manages to bring everything we know and love from previous Kirby games to this all-new arena, while adding many delicious new aspects to the wire. [de l’aventure]”.


“Every time Kirby and Forgotten Earth showed me something new, I loved it. […] The scenes are great, and watching Kirby and his friends napping in his tiny house is awesome (as always). But Kirby and the Forgotten Land shines bright so fast, and that initial delight was hard to remember when the credits rolled in.

the edge

“There’s a cotton candy allegory to do here. Just like the carnival treat, the Kirby is fluffy, cute, pink and so soft. It looks cute and very fun to eat, but the moment you put it in your mouth, it melts. It’s gone so fast, I barely noticed it was There. That’s what it’s like to play Kirby and The Forgotten Land; fun in the moment, but without real substance. And that’s fine!”

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It’s an easy-to-love game that anyone can play and pairs well with other Switch exclusives from Nintendo.

VGC – 4/5

“The platforming sequences won’t keep Mario vigil, but the vast creativity that surrounds them makes for a bold, spirited adventure.”

Kirby and the Forgotten Land It will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 25th.

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