Danielle Fishud looks back on her dream in Cannes with Aline, Celine Dion movie

On Monday, she said in an interview with Stéphane Bureau during the show, it’s like a dream Definitely. It’s crazy, totally crazy. There are about 200 journalists and about 100 people around them.

An idea for his parents

The one never seen aline On a small panel, along with other film actors and actresses, they ended up 3,500 people chanting “Bravo” clap for 15 minutes At the end of the parade organized at the legendary Palais des Festivals, on the Croisette, in Cannes.

She added that he was very special, especially since my parents passed away recently and they will not see him. They are the people I thought of when I cried while clapping.

Roc Lafortune, Danielle Fichaud, Valérie Lemercier, singer Victoria Sio, Sylvain Marcel and Pascale Desrochers climb stairs in Cannes.

Photo: afp via getty Images / CHRISTOPHE SIMON

Her father, who disappeared last October, had at least seen his daughter’s name in the magazine Paris MatchWho devoted an article to French director Valerie Lemercier and her film aline last year.

She explained that it was a thing for him. Not long ago, I was asked to find a job like many people do.

I think that [mes parents] Very proud there.

Quote from:Danielle Fishwood, actress

Thousands of artists have trained Fichaud’s method

with his school Fichaud’s WorkshopsDanielle Fishud, since 1988, has helped a large number of artists from the worlds of comedy, humor and music shine in front of the camera.

She said I stopped counting at 3,500 10 years ago. My specialty is finding their difference and uniqueness. This is what I like to do for a living.

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Accompanying actors and actresses in their development, Danielle Fishud allowed her pedagogical fibers to express herself during the filming of the movie.aline By advising Valerie Lemercier, who learned with a Quebec accent to play Alain Dio. At first, she said, it wasn’t quite like that. [Dans le film], there are still two or three times at the ear hooks, but we preferred emotion over perfect tone.

In addition to the joy, Danielle Fishud was happy to find out the audience’s reaction to the Cannes Film Festival. It was a phenomenon. I realized they were laughing exactly where I wanted them to laugh, they were crying exactly where I wanted them to cry.

I don’t like to play drama or just comedy. I like to make them laugh and then make them cry. This is why this role is for me.

Maman Dion is inspired by Maman Dion

Danielle Fishud believes that the mother of Aline Deo, the character inspired by Celine Dion played by Valérie Lemercier, was golden turn.

I honestly think that in this movie I’m at the top of my game. I’ve never been this good.

Quote from:Danielle Fishwood, actress

Good script continued. sylvan [Marcel] She is the partner of the fire, Valerie too. She drives very well, she is very perfect, and I love it. […] It was magical!

After a rather positive reception before aline In Cannes, the actress is not afraid of the criticism that will accompany the screening of the film in France and then in Quebec next November.

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It is a tribute to Celine, but above all it is a tribute to the love of a mother and husband. Love that can move mountains, that’s what interests Valery.

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