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Denis Villeneuve | “I am so calm”

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(Los Angeles) dunes He was selected 10 times, but to everyone’s surprise, the name Denis Villeneuve did not appear in the Best Director category. The main interested party, once the brief twitch in the heart has passed, prepares to live out the fifth Oscars in total calm.

Posted on March 26

Marc André Loser

Marc Andre Loser

For Denis Villeneuve, the Oscars night will take the form of an adventurous end, and a way to truly take you to the next stage. Along with the commitments related to the upgrade Dune 1Dr partThe Quebec director, of course, has begun pre-production for the second part of his film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. If the final month of awards season, which ends with the Academy Awards, was exhilarating, it was also very exciting.

“Since launching dunes At the Venice Film Festival, I would say promoting the film was a full-time job,” the director explained to Journalism, during a reception held Thursday at the official residence of the Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles. We toured Europe and the United States and did everything possible in terms of discussion sessions and questions and answers. Now I feel at ease, because after Oscar night I will be on radio silence for a long time. »

short-sighted decision…

With other filmmakers, Jane Campion and Steven Spielberg in particular, Denis Villeneuve vehemently deplored the Academy’s decision to award 8 of the 23 awards one hour before the ceremony began broadcasting and to provide a TV montage for viewers who would be able to see part of the thanks to these winners. Remember that the three categories dedicated to short films as well as those devoted to sound, montage, makeup, hairstyles, musical score, and artistic direction (in which Quebec Patrice Vermette participates) will not deserve her moment of glory live. dunes It is also identified in five of these eight categories…

Photo provided by WARNER BROS. Pictures

Denis Villeneuve and Timothée Chalamet on set dunesNominated in 10 categories at the Academy Awards

“After this announcement, there were a lot of discussions, calls, letters and petitions, confirms Denis Villeneuve. There were many private conversations, and the administration of the Academy was very responsive. Public television is going downhill and the Academy is under tremendous pressure from the broadcaster. I suspect big changes will come, but It shouldn’t come at the expense of the basic idea, which is to highlight artists who work in the shadows. I think that’s a big mistake, but OK, now let’s see what the show will look like.”

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and after dunes ?

Getting ready to shoot the second part of dunes Over the next few months, for the release scheduled for October 20, 2023 in North America, Denis Villeneuve is hesitant to say whether this second part will mark the end or if he intends to implement other parts.

PHOTO GEORGE PIMENTEL Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles

Denis Villeneuve plans to take advantage of this weekend dedicated to the Oscars.

I’m finding it hard to project myself into the future right now. These films require two or three years of work. They are big monsters. Legendary people [la société de production] and Warner Bros. I see it all in the long run, but I will be making one movie at a time.

Denis Villeneuve

“I can imagine maybe doing a third, but I might do another movie in between, different. It’s good in my mind to move on to something else.”

In the meantime, Denis Villeneuve plans to take advantage of this “relaxing” moment that makes up the Oscars weekend, especially if dunes You’ll undoubtedly get a few golden figurines in more artistic categories, and they’re rarely mentioned among the nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

“Actually, I’m relaxed and relieved,” the director adds. I have no particular fears or anxiety regarding Sunday. I’m very calm because at this point, we can’t do anything more. Aliya Jakta is! »

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