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Dicaire and Shields: everything is in order!

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On the eve of her biggest test of her career, Mary Yves Decayer met the weight limit without difficulty while at the official weigh-in in Flint, Michigan on Thursday.

The IBF super middleweight champion weighed 152.6 lbs, compared to 153.6 lbs for her American opponent Clarissa Shields (10-0-0, 2 KOs). The limit was 154 lbs.

Thus, the battle for unification, in which the four belts of this class will be at stake. After waiting 13 months, the two boxers will finally be able to fight the battle.

Despite the significance of the moment, Decaire (17-0-0, 0 KOs) was relieved during his face-to-face confrontation with the Shields, but also during a press conference with the media in Quebec.

“I can finally put my foot in the ring. For me, with all that’s going on, it’s an honor to fight in a battle as prestigious as this, Quebec mentioned. I’m in good shape. Over the past year, my nutrition consultant, Jean-Francois has done Godrow, a lot of work. “

“During the camp, I just had to think about my physical preparations, boxing, and recovery.”

Easily lose weight

On Wednesday evening, Decaire only had to use the sauna for 15 minutes to lose his weight. Nature did the rest of the job while she slept.

When you step into the ring, you will weigh between 160 and 162 lbs.

“I am a boxer who relies on agility, so I don’t want to eat too much or drink too much. I don’t want to feel too heavy when I get close to my fight.”

For the next few hours, Decaire will eat several small meals, while avoiding overeating. On Friday afternoon, you’ll be taking a nap to prepare for the fight that is supposed to start around 11pm.

Styles clash

In this two-minute duel of 10 rounds, we’ll get a style struggle between the Dicaire and the Shields. On the one hand is Decaire, who is a technician who travels a lot. On the other hand, Shields, who is not in the drawstring with his striking force. It rushes towards its opponents from the start with the intention of crushing them.

The key, for Quebec, will be slowing down the pace of the Americans from the first rounds. To do this, she will need to focus her physical attacks and this strategy may pay off in later rounds.


Now is the time for my expectation. First of all, we must pay tribute to Decair’s bravery, who never hesitates to measure herself against the best boxer in the world.

On the other hand, she has complete control over her arms. You’ll need perfect performance to get home with all four belts.

The first two rounds will be crucial for Decker. We can think that the Shields will take off on the quest for the Quebec champion from the first bell. It is a steam reel.

You will try to impose the beat by throwing bursts of strokes. It would be surprising if she changed her recipe for this monotheistic duel.

If Dicaire can control the pace of the exchanges, the battle could become frustrating for Shields. However, will the reserve in the gym be able to do this for 10 rounds? That’s the $ 64,000 question.

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I expect a win by technical knockout in the 5th round of the Shields.

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