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Does Weber still have a place with Team Canada?

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Will Shea Weber still earn his place with Team Canada at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022?

It’s too early to say, but the topic was still a hotly debated topic during the “Recruits” portion of JiC on Wednesday.

The topic is being talked about more as Weber has a good start to the season with the Montreal Canadiens this year.

Journalist Nicholas Klotter rushed to show his colors by defending Mike Babcock’s “Man of the Mountain” nomination.

He explained, “Legendary coach Herb Brooks said,“ I don’t want the best players, I want the right players to win. ”With or without Webber, Canada is virtually guaranteed to be the most talented team in the tournament.

So Webber, one of Team Canada’s pillars over the years, will come to another dimension with his presence, leadership and defensive play.

“I would add that Canada’s team has often relied on stability over the years and on a balance between left and right hand defenders. Planned Team Canada, but it looks like Anthony Martineau has better, it’s actually … ”

Another observation influenced the other debate.

«[J’en ai] Better, Martino said one-by-one. I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist because there is something I missed there … At what point do you think Weber would do better than Petrangelo, McCar, Hamilton, Ecblad and Dottie on the Canadian defense oath? ”

Then Martineau insisted on Weber’s apparent slowness, while questioning the significance of his aura in the locker room.

“Every time Webber faces agile and fast players this year, it looks bad. […] Unfortunately Nick, players like that, there is that at the Olympics. From now on, I’m sorry to drive, but you have Crosby, McKinnon and Bergeron on your team. Driving is the same at the scheduled meeting! “

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Then Jean-Charles Lagoi entered the debate by creating a downside.

“If we’re on an Olympic-sized ice, I think Shea doesn’t have a job there, but not all. If we play on North American ice, we wouldn’t consider nominating him with taxi hips and bench buttstock? What is the seventh defender as an insurance policy?”

Weber: Is it a real retreat?

Returning to the attack, Clotter decided to clarify how incompatible his point of view was with that of his colleague.

“My colleague here never seems to appreciate the importance of Webber’s famous presence. I look at Webber’s partners with CH over the years: Mike Riley, Nathan Bollio, Victor Mette, Alexei Emlin, and now … Ben Chiarot. At the 2016 World Cup, what happened. ? Weber played with Mark Edodard Vlasic and they formed a formidable defensive duo.

“In 2016! 2016, ” then remember Martineau.

“Yeah, because you think Webber is over, to answer and see Clutter. Every year we have this conversation and you think Weber is going downhill as I tell you about the recession.”

Weber and the other candidates

The problem with choosing Weber, in Martineau’s view, is that there are simply better candidates. Also, number 6 does not show the profile of the modern defender.

“I spoke to a friend who works at St. Louis Academy in Quebec City. He told me,“ Now what we’re looking at in the 2021 cannons is three points: the head, the feet, the hands. ”Currently, Weber has 33% of the wins and he’s in the lead. Verbs of hands and feet, he no longer possesses them. Are Pietrangelo, Makar, Ekbald and Doughty behind Weber in terms of these accomplishments? Absolutely not.

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“And back to the famous leadership point, this team is overflowing with leadership. Webber is not a good player in the first passes, unfortunately with Canada team you have four top lines, so 12 players want the ball. It’d be cool with pucks in the bay window, right? It would be?” So much fun for these guys! ”

Then Jean Charles saw fit to analyze the picture as a whole.

“We consider that Petrangelo is in good health,” he said. I think Dotty is going through some fear, but he’s going to be there because Makar definitely should be there. ”

Which would leave Weber’s place as a seventh defender …

“Iqbal, the defenders’ first goalscorer this year? No? What about our friend Dougie Hamilton? ”Martineau said.

“In any case, Weber is not in the top three, for sure,” JC said.

Clutter then took the ball by suggesting that Webber was the ideal player for a substitute role.

“If you want a reliable seventh defense that makes others feel confident, then you know exactly what to expect from Shea Weber.”

Martineau thinks Jared Spurgeon, for example, would be a better option.

He’s 31 years old and more mobile than Shea Weber. If you want a guy who can do a good first pass, a staying at home Like Webber, right hand, take Spurgeon. “

Arguments not convincing Clutter, who places more value on Weber’s physical abilities and experience.

“You want your 7th Defender to play shorthand and you know exactly what you’re going to get from Shea Weber in every game, and that brings some safety, and some reliability. Team Canada decision makers have always relied on consistency over the years. Weber, whether we like it.” Or our father, he is the backbone of Team Canada. Do you think you have a better formula than Team Canada? ”

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Convinced by the arguments on both sides, Jean Charles did not want any winner to be crowned. He apparently threw the ball into the spectators’ court …

Watch the entire “The Rookies” clip in the video above.

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