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Donald Trump’s influence on his party hits the wall in Georgia

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A severe blow to the former US President, Donald TrumpOn Tuesday night, he suffered two major defeats in the Republican primary in Georgia.

The incumbent governor, Brian Kemp, has attacked relentlessly since 2020 for not adhering to the election-stealing conspiracy theory promoted by the fallen billionaire, and his crushing of his opponent, former Senator David Purdue, dubbed Mr Trump, collected more than three-quarters of the votes cast.

Donald Trump’s campaign, led by a colt, has been marked by obsessive repetition of the lie that the 2020 presidential election gave her victory. Joe Biden Because of electoral fraud, it was never proven.

Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Ravensberger, also slapped the former White House incumbent by confirming his candidacy for the upcoming midterm elections. He received more than 50% of the vote against his opponent, Representative Judy Hayes, who was staunchly endorsed by Donald Trump to bring down a powerful figure in theOpposing his theory of voter fraud.

We remember: Brad Ravensberger resisted pressure from a former president who, in the wake of his defeat in 2020, sought a way from this elected official to nullify the result of the vote, and that to resume Georgia illegally fell by a narrow majority. 0.23% in the hands of Democrat Joe Biden.

In a January 2021 phone call, four days before the Capitol attack, the former reality TV star asked the Secretary of State “ to find 11,780 votes in favour, which the man rejected, infuriating populists. The phone call recorded by Raffensperger was revealed by Washington Post And mentioned in the second impeachment measures launched against the former president, after his supporters attacked the US Parliament, Jan 6 2021.

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Donald Trump’s project, which aims to eliminate his opponents within the Republican Party itself from the electoral scene, is a complete failure in Georgia. State Attorney Chris Carr, the southern state’s third angry, populist pet, won the primaries against candidate John Gordon, who also campaigned on massive electoral fraud by the former president.

Tuesday evening, on TwitterRepublican Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey and a former adviser to Trump, praised Brian Kemp’s victory and especially the gesture of Georgia voters who resisted, he said, “Donald Trump’s vengeance across the state.”

« Les victoires de Kemp et Raffensperger tendent à montrer que le rôle de Trump en tant que faiseur de rois n’est pas illimité à l’échelle du pays, résume en entrevue le politicologue Simon Gilhooley, professional Colleges ateurs de au New York. But you have to be careful. If his support for a candidate is insufficient here in choosing the winner, his influence is not squandered for all that, and swearing allegiance to the former president can still be electorally profitable.”

Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Green, a populist spokeswoman but also a figure of American conspiratorial movements, demonstrated this Tuesday evening by avoiding defeat, to several less radical candidates who had hoped to prevent her from running again next November.

“Trump’s support works better for less well-known candidates, which was not the case here,” analyzes Scott H. Ainsworth, director of the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia, and joined by duty In Athens in this southern state. But overall, Tuesday’s votes suggest that the impact of the 2020 election is fading with voters, even if it appears to be fading more slowly, with Donald Trump supporters.

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duel introduction

In light of Tuesday night’s results, Governor Brian Kemp is now gearing up to face Democrat Stacy Abrams next November in a rematch after their first encounter in 2018.

“Even in the midst of a tough primaries, governors in our state didn’t listen to the noise,” the state’s governor said during his victory speech to the crowd at the College Football Hall of Fame in Washington. “But I want to be absolutely clear with all of you here tonight: Our fight is not yet over. Tonight begins the fight for the soul of our state, to ensure that Stacey Abrams does not become our governor or the next president.”

During her defeat in 2018, the Democrat accused her opponent of adopting a set of laws intended to limit access to the polls to the African American population of Georgia. She later became an ardent activist for equal access to the vote and fierce opposition to the discriminatory measures adopted by Republicans. Electoral remapping to ease democratic voting in several counties and strip voters registered on electoral rolls is part of.

The campaigns of Abrams made it possible to further muster the African American vote in the 2020 presidential election, a trend he could capitalize on next November.

“It’s still too early to predict the outcome of the election, but polls reveal a large number of undecided people who could tip the scales in favor of Stacy Abrams,” says Simon Gillhole.

A stronghold of republicans, Georgia has become a more competitive country due to its demographic development. “The midterm elections will be tough for both parties,” continues the political expert, and all eyes will surely be on this major case next November.

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