Ephemeral art on Vancouver’s docks

Since last fall, chalk drawings have graced Vancouver’s West End sidewalks. Artist Elizabeth Cartagena paints illustrations of small animals, monsters or other cute creatures with strange and strange activities. She hopes her ephemeral actions will make passersby smile.

Instead of throwing away the surplus chalk, Elizabeth of Cartagena decided to use it to decorate the sidewalks in her neighborhood.

Photo: instagram / violetncanvas

Elizabeth Cartagena explains that she embarked on this adventure last October in an effort to make her feel some happiness during the pandemic.

West End residents often withdraw in the middle of the night or early in the morning. I like the idea of ​​someone waking up and seeing this in the morningas you say.

However, the work wasn’t always easy. Some of the works required nearly four hours of work, and the artist sometimes had to ask his wife to bring him gloves to finish decorating the sidewalk while facing the cold.

On the floor, a chalk drawing showing a mouse in costume singing.

Elisabeth paints Cartagena mostly at night or early in the morning, often in secret.

Photo: instagram / violetncanvas

It’s a bit like making little creatures in the West End and letting people imagine a story that goes along with it.

Quote from:Elizabeth of Cartagena
On the ground, a chalk drawing showing a dinosaur in a flying machine.

Elizabeth Cartagena can travel from 45 minutes to 4 hours in a single drawing.

Photo: instagram / violetncanvas

People are shouting thank you from their balcony which is really nice.

Quote from:Elizabeth of Cartagena

Elizabeth Cartagena loves the idea of ​​sometimes living in an animated world.

Some might have seen her early in the morning when she finished her job. It’s good to get people’s appreciation and connect with the community.

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