Exiting the YouTube app and continuing to listen is now possible on iOS

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allows users to watch YouTube videos in a mini player while browsing outside the YouTube app on their mobile devices at the same time., a Google Canada spokesperson.

This overlay feature – especially useful for listening to music or instavideasts (BannersIt should only be reserved for US iOS device owners, according to specialist website MacRumors, which is the first to report on the news. But a Google Canada spokeswoman confirmed that the mini drive has already started spread gradually For people who subscribe to Premium in the country.

The picture-in-picture option arrived on the iPhone and iPad last year with iOS 14. Several streaming apps, including Twitch and Netflix, have adopted it quickly.

Android smartphone owners already have access to it through the app since 2018. In iOS, netizens have been tricked by using YouTube on their web browser to get it, which won’t be necessary soon.

Google Canada has not specified whether the video overlay will be expanded to all accounts, both paid and free, on the iOS YouTube app, but several specialist sites in the US have indicated that the functionality will be accessible to all. users over the next few months.

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