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Faced with the massive arrival of new residents, the small town of Dordogne opens up a new layer

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The new classroom is brand new: large windows, overhead projector and above all plenty of space to accommodate several students. Lamotte Montraville Elementary School was in dire need of it. “The numbers are growing, and we also have double classes CP and CE1explains Christelle Bordelais Travers, who welcomes an average of 25 to 30 students in her CE2 class. We used the motor skills room as a classroom, and it became necessary to build a new classroom.” It opened on Saturday. exception when The trend is rather to close classrooms in the Dordogne. prove it The rural municipality is attracting more and more residents.

Urban residents who came to settle in the countryside

School welcomes now 108 children, up from 96 three years ago. “We have more and more families moving to our country, working or working remotely in big cities, and they are interested in getting a school position,” Karen Jekwell, director of the foundation, notes. The health crisis and the emergence of remote work have a lot to do with this massive arrival of the new population, but also Proximity to Bordeaux and the presence of a motorway and train line.

From 1250 to 1400 people in just two years

“We have an example in the rue de l’Eglise where there is a young couple who have just bought an old building to restore and settle there, Mayor Michel Frechaux explains. We also see a lot of families buying their first properties because it can still be accessed.” nothing No more real estate for sale in the city. In just two years, Lammoth’s Montraville population grew from 1,250 to 1,400.

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