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Federal Conservative Party promises reform of the Financial Stability Program

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The politician came to align the voters of Western Canada by making special promises to the provinces that have She paid more than her fair share In the transfer of funds to Ottawa, retroactive compensation.

The Conservative Party leader said, in 2019, prime ministers unanimously supported a proposal to reform the Financial Stability Program. Canada’s Conservative Party will implement the proposed changes and ensure that provinces like Alberta receive retroactive compensation that can be reinvested.

According to Erin O’Toole, this retroactive compensation will return $5 billion to the counties.

He added that Alberta, whose economy has been in recession for several years due to low oil prices, is the province that will benefit the most from this program, receiving $4 billion out of $5 billion.

I was there for Canada. So naturally the rest of Canada is there for you كندا, He said. It is time to end the injustice.

Erin O’Toole also said he wants to remove the cap on the amount of aid given to counties. That limit has been set at $60 per capita since 1987. The Conservative leader also wants to change the standard so the county can get help from the program by cutting it from 5 to 3% of the reduction in its income. It is not a natural resource.

The Financial Stability Program was created in 1967 to help provinces facing a severe decline in their revenues. Any county whose revenue from non-natural resources decreases by more than 5% can benefit.

The Conservative Party asserts that since then, Albertans have sent more than $600 billion to the rest of Canada through the parity program, averaging more than $20 billion annually over the past 10 years.

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Focus on the energy sector

Erin O’Toole also used her forum to stress the importance of uniting Canada and placing Canada’s energy sector at the center of the national economic recovery.

Conservatives view the energy sector as a key driver of the Canadian economy, and we will use our leadership position in environmental, social and governance standards to make it a competitive advantage to secure our future., did he say.

He also promised to make changes to those made to the Impact Assessment Act under Bill C-69. This has led to a tightening of environmental assessments for major energy projects.

We take climate change seriously. We must not let bureaucracy delay greenhouse gas reduction projects. To move things forward, we will speed up the examination of emission reduction projectsHe said in French.

seduction process

Erin O’Toole’s press conference comes the day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Calgary.

It is also part of a context in which rumors of a federal election are growing in the fall in Ottawa.

According to Duane Pratt, a professor of political science at Mount Royal College in Calgary, the politician did not randomly choose the topic of his ad.

[Le Programme de stabilisation fiscale] is a case[Erin] O’Toole may win because it is a national program that will also benefit other counties, He said.

He adds that he is also allowed to talk about equality, one of Alberta’s hobby horses, without discussing the question of a referendum that the Alberta premier intends to put to Alberta voters on the subject in the fall.

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I think it struck a chordSays Duane Pratt.

University of Alberta political scientist Frederic Boyle believes the Canadian Conservative leader has a job to do to win the hearts of Albertans.

Especially with the announcement of his green plan, many saw it as a form of betrayal. […] I think there is some disappointment from all of Alberta’s conservatives with the way Erin O’Toole is doing. We were expecting more conservative, He said.

He added that some land in Edmonton and Calgary could be seized by the Liberals.

He can’t say that the results of the 2019 elections will happen automatically, He said.

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