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Federal Elections: Can the Canadian People’s Party Make a Breakthrough? | Canada elections 2021

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Momentum seems to be taking shape on the ground, as we are seeing in some historically progressive areas, such as Windsor-Essex, the proliferation of People’s Party of Canada (PPC) banners.

A situation explained in particular by the fact that the party has a political presentation that differs from that of all the other major parties, noted Rick Fosky, a resident of Windsor who intends to vote. PPC.

A desire to be more careful about spending, and a willingness to allow people to make the choices they want to make about their health […]. It is a party that fights for individual liberties. Wanting to hear what people have to say is something that none of the other parties seems willing to accept at this time., Explodes.

I think they will continue to gain. Unfortunately, this will hurt the Conservatives, but this is a position taken by Canadians who want to be represented in this way.

Quote from:Rick Fauci, resident of Windsor

Another argument for Mr Fuschi: No Conservative candidate has won Windsor-Tecumseh for 91 years, and for him Victor Green, the Windsor-Tecumseh PPC candidate, is the best potential Conservative candidate.

He’s everything you’d want from a Conservative candidate, but he belongs to the People’s Party and I think he’s much luckier than the local conservative candidate., He says.

The circuits of Windsor West and Windsor Tecumseh are held respectively by NPDWith Brian Maas and the Liberal Party with Eric Kosmerczyk.

Mr. Fuschi believes that the People’s Party is filling a vacancy left by parties that refuse to listen to their constituents.

Photo: Elvis Noemsi Njeki

Nostalgia for Canada?

Rick Fauci says that he has observed both at the local and national levels a rise in the strength of the popular party, which can be explained by the deafness of the main parties.

Liberals certainly do not listen to their constituents, the Conservatives witnessed the birth of the People’s Party because they did not know their constituents. Someone had to fill the vacancy and they did, He says.

This view is shared by candidate Victor Green PPC From Windsor – Tecumseh. He says he no longer recognizes Canada, where he settled 30 years ago, when he arrived from England.

For him, the PPC scramble All the ancient values ​​we share are history, common heritage, national pride, pride in our flag, our monuments, our statute, and I’m talking about not dethroning them., He says.

We want to go back to what Canada was when we had freedom. We are deeply committed that there will be no further containment. We are the only political party that adheres to it.

Quote from:Victor Green, PPC filter at Windsor-Tecumseh

He also believes that all other parties are now making similar political offers.

People realize that other parties, conservatives, liberals and NPDThey went so left that their supporters barely recognized the political parties they voted for years ago, Determines.

Anger Diffuse Collector

rise of PPC Not a figment of the imagination, at least not according to Lydia Milgan, a professor of political science at the University of Windsor.

Ms. Milligan says she noticed the signs spreading PPC in Essex, where you reside, but also in Chatham-Kent.

Woman sitting at her desk talking to computer.

Lydia Milgan believes that the Popular Party has no real chances of winning Maxime Bernier’s seat.

Photo: Elvis Noemsi Njeki

I think they all have something to do with resentment and frustration with health restrictions. I’m not sure this represents views on social issues, or about working in the Windsor area, notes.

It only reflects the fact that people are tired of restrictions. And the only way to make it audible to the audience is through PPCBecause it is the only party that opposes the obligation of vaccination, restrictions and confinement.

Quote from:Lydia Millan, Professor of Political Science

A view shared by Peter Greve, professor of political science at McMaster University. For him, too, the People’s Party is riding the restrictions associated with the epidemic, acting as a kind of catalyst.

Not surprisingly, this resulted in a large number of people looking for a major political response to this, and Mr. Bernier was well prepared and had been working for a year and a half in opposition to containment and the wearing of masks. , and so on.

Quote from:Peter Greve, Professor of Political Science

It is also believed that the party benefited from the popularity of Maxime Bernier, who, because he was an MP in 2019, was able to participate in the leaders’ debates, and thus succeeded in making his political formation better known.

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Resentment impossible to turn?

However, Grieve is not insisting on the People’s Party’s chances of turning voter support for him into seats in the House of Commons.

Depends on. If Mr. Bernier wins his seat, he will be present at the upcoming leaders’ debate, and will give this party another boost. But I do think that with our current electoral system, it’s hard to see real growth potential for this party because it’s a system that is inappropriate for small parties., he explains.

Finds himself in the same electoral system [que le Parti vert] With the same incentives to create more centrist and less radical parties that could get more than 5% to 10% of the vote across Canada.

Quote from:Peter Greve, Professor of Political Science
Peter Grieve of McMaster University in Hamilton.

Peter Graefe believes that the popularity of the PPC is mainly due to the fact that it is the only major party opposed to the health measures.

Photo: Radio Canada

Lydia Millan also agrees. When asked whether the multiplication of signs PPC In the Windsor area a sign that the party has a chance of winning a constituency, it is adamant.

I do not think that PPC He has a chance to win seats in our district, and quite frankly, if they had to win a seat, it might be Maxime Bernier, in Boss, because he is the leader of the party, she explained.

Danger to conservatives?

Lydia Milligan believes, however, that outgoing Conservative MP from Essex, Chris Lewis, might be concerned if he PPC Progress, because it would take votes away from him and could lead to a victory for the liberals or the neo-democrats.

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I think it could be a problem for the conservatives to get rid of. I know they have a lot of support in western Canada and that can lead to victories for the liberals or NPD In some hotly contested areas of the Edmonton region, she explained.

Rick Fauci also sees the danger to the Conservative Party in having a strong People’s Party.

Although he chose to vote PPCThe traditionally conservative voter doesn’t discount the idea that his vote ends up in the liberals’ favour.

I think such an outcome is really possible. I hope that the damage that Trudeau has done to the liberals is enough to at least make them a minority, He says.

Campaign banner from Beth Charron Rowberry, a PPC candidate in Essex.

Candida Essex and Chatham-Kent PPC banners are also increasing in the area.

Photo: Elvis Noemsi Njeki

Nevertheless, Fauci hopes that the wave of support will allow his party to win a large number of seats nationwide.

As of Monday, one thing is certain for him: This year’s election results are more uncertain than ever.

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