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Federal Elections: Conservative Party Bets on Quebec and Levis Tunnels

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Erin O’Toole’s party is the only party in Ottawa that truly advocates for the Quebec-Levis tunnel project, and defends conservative candidates in the metropolitan area. They also say they are willing to pay up to 40% of the bill, a commitment that could eventually rise to $4 billion.

“Yes, link three, we think so. Gérard Deltel announced in the context of Canada’s first Conservative Party announcement of elections in the region.

After Yves Francois Blanchett’s contradictory statement on the Quebec-Levis tunnel on Monday, “It is clear: the bloc is against,” said the Conservative MP. In a press release, his party designated the Quebec Bloc as a “Montreal Party” because of its refusal to join the project.


This is part of the bill for the Quebec-Levis tunnel that the Conservative Party says it is willing to pay if elected.

On Monday, the bloc’s leader simply said the issue rests with Quebec City – not Ottawa – without comment.

support but at what cost?

Questionné sur les coûts estimés du projet du gouvernement Legault, qui frôlent les 10 milliards de dollars, Gérald Deltell a rétorqué qu’un appui du fédéral n’affecterait pas le déficit, git puisqu’ilé d’il ‘investé s’ infrastructure’a several years.

The Chinese Communist Party also kicked off on Tuesday A video in which his boss, Erin O’Toole, praises the advantages of the future tunnel. Every day, thousands of workers find themselves stranded on the Pierre Laporte Bridge and the Quebec Bridge. He declared that when the bridge is closed, it is the economy that clogs.

The Conservatives hold three seats in Quebec; The Quebecwa Bloc and the Liberal Party, two each.

CPC proposes a “holiday” for GST in December

The Conservatives are proposing to scrap the Goods and Services Tax at retailers in December in order to stimulate business activity. Under the plan proposed by Erin O’Toole’s party, no federal sales tax would be levied on in-store retail sales in the last month of the year. He argues it would be a measure that would help Canadians struggling to make ends meet, while supporting businesses by encouraging spending. However, this tax credit will not apply to online purchases. This measure will represent 5% savings on many purchases across the country. According to the party’s estimates, this will deprive the state coffers of 1.5 billion dollars.

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