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Finally Power Saving Mode for Mac with macOS Monterey

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The long-awaited iOS feature on Mac finally comes with macOS Monterey: Power Saving Mode! This mode may not be of much interest to MacBook M1 users tremendous independenceBut all Intel MacBook users will be happy to have it. Well, not all of them really, because it is only available on MacBook 2016 and later and MacBook Pro 2016 and later. The 2015 generations are not entitled to it, and strangely enough, the MacBook Air is not on the list.

This power saving mode reduces processor speed and screen brightness to increase battery life. active in System Preferences > drums > drums, but also in the section AC adapter. Why is this mode activated if the computer is powered on? To reduce its power consumption (and thus recharge faster) and make it run more quietly.

In our testing, activating the power saving mode did not reduce the screen brightness, but it may have been related to the battery level near 100% or the fact that it was too late. It’s the first beta. There was also no notification telling us to activate this mode when the MacBook Pro reached nearly 0%. Hopefully, the following beta versions will offer such a notification as well as a shortcut in the menu bar.

Power saving mode activated / Power saving mode deactivated

On my 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro, a quad-core Core i7 at 2.9 GHz (Turbo Boost 3.9 GHz) does a tough job, power saving mode limits frequency at around 2.6 GHz and CPU temperature below 60 degrees No fan sound when I turn on By deactivating the mode, you will immediately notice that the frequency increases, and with it heat and noise, fans fly in to cool the weak processor.

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If your Mac isn’t compatible with macOS Monterey or its power saving mode, utilities that provide similar functionality have been available for many years, including Turbo Boost Switcher And the Endurance. The feature built into macOS is simple, while the utilities allow for more accurate performance.

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