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Science has finally proven the origin of the aurora borealis

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While scientists have long understood the process of the formation of the aurora borealis, it has not been proven and reproduced in the laboratory. Now it’s done: We know for sure how the aurora borealis form.

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This amazing phenomenon appears mainly in the north of the planet, but it sometimes occurs, due to space weather and solar activity, to be seen even in our neighbors in the Netherlands as it was in April of this year.

Alvin waves accelerate electrons

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as pointed out CNNWe’ve known for a long time, That the particles emitted by the sun, especially electrons, move more 70 million km per hour And the rush over the Earth’s magnetic field lines in the upper atmosphere. they then collide With oxygen and nitrogen molecules present in the atmosphere and then releasing their energy into it emitting lightWhich gives the phenomenon of capillary-colored aurora borealis.

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at New study, physicists provide evidence that the brightest aurora is caused by Strong electromagnetic waves during geomagnetic storms. This Known as Alvin waves, this phenomenon speeds electrons toward Earth and allows the formation of the aurora borealis.

Greg Howes, associate professor in the Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy and co-author of the study, likens the phenomenon of acceleration to that of a surfer:The measurements revealed that this small group of electrons undergoes a ‘tinnitus acceleration’ by the electric field of the Alvin wave, surfer style Capture a wave whose movement is constantly accelerated by the movement of the wave.

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Recreating the aurora borealis in the laboratory

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Alvin wave theory was introduced For the first time in 1946 by the Russian physicist Lev Landau and then with the support of space missions who often spotted Alfn waves moving toward Earth above the aurora borealis but they still lack laboratory evidence as shown telegraph.

This has been done since physicists were able to observe the results of experiments on the UCLA Large Plasma Device (LPD). Scientists used a 20-meter chamber حجر Recreates the Earth’s magnetic field Using strong magnetic field coils. Then inside, they produced plasma similar to what is found in space near Earth and then, “Using a specially designed antenna, we shot Alvin waves into the device, just like rocking a garden hose up and down and watching the wave move along the hose.‘, explains Greg Howes.

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