Florida building collapse: 1 dead, 99 . missing

One person was killed and several others injured in the collapse, according to Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett.

Miami-Dade County Sheriff Freddy Ramirez told the media that about 100 others are missing.

About ten wounded people were treated on the spot and one wounded in hospital. Thirty-five people survived the disaster, according to Miami Fire Chief Dade Ray Jadallah.

Built in 1981, the building housed 130 apartments. Miami-Dade’s director of emergency operations told Miami Herald More than 70 apartments have been destroyed or damaged. He points out that the rescuers believed they had freed all survivors.

All neighborhoods left the building.

Quote from:Frank Rollason, Director of Emergency Operations at Miami-Dade

Dozens of rescue teams and dogs are working hard to find victims under the rubble. Video from local station NBC6 in South Florida showed firefighters removing a live boy from a pile of debris.

Rescue dogs and their handlers prepare for the search.

Rescue dogs were sent to the crash site.

Photo: via Reuters/Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

We are preparing for the bad news

At a news conference in Tampa Thursday morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said local and state officials hope to rescue more avalanche victims, but We’re preparing ourselves for some bad news, given the devastation we’re seeing. The governor is scheduled to visit the southern part of the state later today.

Search and rescue operations may last at least a week, according to Surfside Township general manager Andy Hyatt.

A hotel opposite the building was evacuated as a precaution, as was the adjacent building on the north side.

Surf Mayor Charles Burkett confirms the building was not لم Introduced many others in the area, in addition to thatThere is no reason for a building to collapse like this.

The distance between floors was 10 feet [3 m] It is now reduced to one foot [30 cm].

Quote from:Charles Burkett, Mayor of Surfside

The cause of the collapse is not yet known, but the mayor indicates that work is underway on the roof.

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