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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Want to spend an evening on Netflix? Our television and film journalists bring you some ideas from the platform’s catalog.

Posted on July 29

gray man

Brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo make a movie here that lives up to the expectations they set. The movie is a couple of hours long, but there are enough explosions, chases, shooting, suspense and humor to keep us interested until the end. No romantic relationship (except for light flirtation) and that’s okay. This is an action movie and the action comes first until the last exciting fight scene.

Marisa Groggy

the man from toronto

We can imagine how the plot will develop. However, there are some surprises along the way. It does not lack action and incredible adventures. Here’s a comedy that feels satisfying, without a lot of pretense (but a good budget – nearly 100 million) and super fun.

Marisa Groggy

Weird things

Expected for three years – that’s a very long time – this fourth season of Weird thingsmore violent and more injustice From its predecessors, it comes in the form of jumbo : All episodes last between 1 hour and 1 hour and 40 minutes. Weird things She may have gotten older, like performers, and her references are no longer directed at the pre-teen. It became a thrilling series of horror He. Shewhere the new villain Vecna ​​resembles the terrifying Night King Game of thrones.

Hugo Dumas

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Keep it sweet – pray and obey

A true crime documentary series about a cult in which a tyrannical leader, who calls himself a prophet, marries 78 wives, 24 of whom are minors, and predicts the end of the world in the middle of the Utah desert? Present ! It is wonderful and shocking, captivating and disgusting. And very disgusting.

Hugo Dumas

This is pop

While a production company is used to focusing on one genre or artist at a time, This is pop It casts a wide net: it’s about ABBA, Boys II Men, country music, Brill Building hit-makers (including Neil Sedaka, who describes himself as “the 1950s Justin Bieber”) and the emergence of music festivals. The trend isn’t always happy (the country music loop is unnecessarily unnecessarily), but the look is always smart.

Alexandre Vinault


Why do we pay tribute to such a violent and cruel TV series? Because it performs its entertainment mission. Because the actresses out there are overwhelming. Because a federal prison like the one shown in Wentworth is not Club Med where you braid your hair between two Macarena choreographies.

Hugo Dumas

Borgen: Strength and Glory

We no longer wish that, a sequel to the wonderful Danish series Burgundy. Here it is on Netflix, nine years after last season, with its refinement, exuberant complexity, and themes more subtly than ever. This fourth op doesn’t really disappoint. Borgen: Strength and Glory It targets curious and enlightened adults, who have fallen in love with series such as West Wing And the house of paperWith a sophisticated Scandinavian touch.

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Hugo Dumas

Away from the ring road

Away from the ring road It is called Shakespeare’s language A Friends movie. in like the Good Cop, Bad CopFrom From father to police And other detective comedy that combines the masculine. It was also born from the desire of the duo Omar C and Laurent Lafitte to work together again, after 10 years of success The other side of the ring road, This film holds especially thanks to their beautiful complicity. And the two-star game makes us forget its cliches and its weaknesses.

Luke Boulanger

heart stop

Charming British series heart stop Presented in English and French, Netflix shows a more tender and realistic side of adolescence, which is feelings, questions, butterflies in the stomach, and self-discovery. It’s brilliantly written and carried by talented young actors, unlike trance where WattatoShe was no older than their characters by fifteen years.

Hugo Dumas

sunset sale 5

The best example of the perfect villain and push is found in sunset sale (The sun to spare) from Netflix, the best reality show in the universe, no kidding. In fact, it’s a trifle docusoap nicely wrapped in a Tiffany box.

Hugo Dumas

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