For you Flora: duty to tell

It is the first dramatic novel written, directed and produced by indigenous artisans and craftswomen for a large network of French-speaking people. It will be broadcast in the original French version and in a dubbed version at Anishinaabemowin. Written and directed by Sonia Bonspiel Boelo (Section And rustic oracle), and produced by Jason Brennan, you flora It tells the story of two Anishinaabe people who today are trying to make peace with their past, one who was uprooted from their childhood to be sent to an Aboriginal boarding school, with the aim of assimilation and evangelization.

Sarah Rankin Kistabish as Wabikoni in Pour toi Flora. Photo: Eva-Maude TC / Eva-Maude TC

The story, which unfolds over two major stories – in the 1960s and nowadays over two decades – underscores the resilience of this girl and boy who are forcibly separated from their family. Resilience endures despite the most unimaginable adversities.

collective consciousness

The director was inspired by a particular residential school when writing the film, but she wanted the story that was generally told to represent the Aboriginal residential schools that existed in Quebec and the rest of Canada. The narrative she had in mind had been in existence for a long time, even before the horrific discoveries of Kamloops; She wanted to put our collective history on screen, but this time, from a point of view other than that of colonialism.

Despite the dark and tragic side of this period, Sonia Bonspiel-Boilo, whose grandfather lived in a boarding school with several members of his family, wanted the public to see the light. Above all, she wanted you flora To be the beginning of a conversation, an awareness of the reality experienced by the various indigenous peoples, a reality that concerns everyone.

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There were many tears while watching the first two episodes at the Museum’s cinema in Montreal. Many survivors, from the first, second and third generations, including many of the series’ artists, spoke out, telling their personal experiences and expressing how important the series is, especially to future generations.

It is part, more than ever, of a necessary process of cultural reappropriation, healing and reconciliation.

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Serial actors and actresses

you flora The most notable stars are Dominique Pettin, Marco Colin, Virginie Fortin, Antoine Bellon, Samien, Yves Ringett, André Ropitel, Theodore Bellerin, Jean-Carl Boucher, Sophie Desmares, Jean Lietalin, Charles Bender, Jacqueline Michel, Eniko Ndua, Katia Rock, Charles Buckel Robertson. , Chantal Barrell, and first on screen, Sarah Rankin-Kestabch, Russell Flamand, Jonah Bacon and Charlotte Bachagomscom.

Several people share the meal around a table and one person serves red wine to one of the guests.
A scene from the Pour toi Flora series. Photo: Eva-Maude TC

It will be shown for the first time May 26 in Here Extra In the original French version and in a dubbed version at Anishinaabemowin. Starting next fall, it will be presented in French on ICI Télé, in bilingual catch-up on, and then on APTN (Indigenous Television Network).

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