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Canada’s first and only full hybrid truck, the Ford MaverickMC It allows you to go where your passion takes you and achieve everything that inspires you. With its customization capabilities, this compact truck adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you’re an adventurer on your way to the mountain or a DIY enthusiast with a thousand projects in mind, this vehicle is ready to accompany you everywhere and whatever you dream of achieving.

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Truck for the eternal handyman

One renovation project does not wait for the other? Are you the one that your family and friends call without hesitation to install shelves or repaint the living room? Are you the one who makes frequent visits to your local hardware store? FlexBed TechnologyMC More than once he will come to the rescue from Ford to help you realize your dreams and creative projects. With this flexible storage solution, you can organize in a Maverick boxMC Almost anything you can think of: logs, plywood, miter saw, bags of black soil, gardening tools … The integrated 110V power outlet (optional) will allow you to charge the electric drill while riding.

Designed for urban environments

Since many of your projects lead you to go here and there, you can also do so with the greatest ease. The small size of the maverickMC Its excellent maneuverability1 For a truck in its class, it’s easy to get around town (and park!). Load, transport and unload handyman, artist and designer equipment wherever your projects take you, without restrictions and without hindrances.

Truck for outdoor enthusiasts

There are many places to explore and things to try in Quebec, whatever the season. Camping gear, climbing gear, mountain bikes, kayaks, snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs): Leave nothing behind when you go on an adventure. With a maximum payload of 1500 lb (680 kg)2 and optional 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg) of maximum traction3Ford MaverickMC It allows you to carry everything you need to explore the less crowded roads. It’s good to know people who prefer outings with friends over solo adventures: the interior of this truck offers five comfortable seats.

Full of adrenaline, not full of gas (or almost)

Do you love escaping into the heart of nature in Quebec on a whim? Those who always go out of their way to find the perfect campground will be happy to see that the all-new Ford Compact Truck is far from greedy. Split Hybrid Engine Fuel ConsumptionMC 2.5 L (L) is estimated at 5.6 L/100 km in the city and 7.1 L/100 km on the highway, which translates to a target range of 800 km4. The result: less gas station visits and more time for adventure!

Common denominator: maximum diversity

Whether the sense of accomplishment means climbing a rocky peak or completing a creative project, you will need a vehicle that will help you achieve what you aspire to. Thanks to the functionality and versatility of the MaverickMC, which you can customize inside and out according to your needs, combining everyday professions with your passion, whatever it may be.

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1 More maneuverability than any other mid-size or full-size truck depending on turning diameter, size and monocoque construction. Unparalleled turning towing amongst compact trucks. The class is a compact truck.
2 Maximum payload varies by accessories and vehicle configuration. See the label on the door pillar for the vehicle’s specific payload capacity.
3 Maximum towing capacity with the 2.0L EcoBoost® engine and available 4K towing package. The maximum towing varies depending on the payload, vehicle configuration, accessories and number of passengers.
4 Actual fuel consumption and range will vary. Final estimates, based on Government of Canada approved test methods, will be available at a later date in calendar year 2021. Range calculated based on 52.2 liter tank (excluding reserve) and fuel consumption estimates derived from test cycles of 5.6 l/100 km city, 7.1 l/100 km for highway and 6.3 l/100 km for joint assessment, using models based on US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculations and Government of Canada approved test methods. Actual range will vary depending on conditions such as outdoor elements, driving habits, vehicle maintenance, and battery life.

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