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François Legault is about to give his opening speech

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In his speech, the Prime Minister will explain how he intends to raise the bar in Quebec, which is recovering from one of the worst crises in its history.

François Legault has said in recent weeks that it’s time to start planning for the post-COVID-19 pandemic, repeating that message on Monday in a video posted to Facebook.

According to the information published in Quebec Magazine Which Radio-Canada was able to confirm, the government intends to provide the health system with its own recruitment mechanism to permanently hire health workers. The mechanism in question will work in the same way as the “I contribute” platform, which was set up during the first wave of the pandemic to recruit health volunteers.

The government also intends to encourage health network executives in the provinces of Montreal and Quebec to establish labor-sharing mechanisms among themselves and with remote areas in order to avoid service outages and shutdowns. ’emergency room.

The question in this speech should also be about the lack of places in nurseries, education, youth and culture, according to our information.

Prime Minister Legault will speak after a short address from the Vice Governor of Quebec, Michel Doyon.

You’ll be able to listen to François Legault’s speech at 1:30pm on the Radio-Canada Info app, on and on ICI RDI.

Less than a year after the elections

This opening speech by François Legault also lays the groundwork for the next general election, which should take place in less than a year, that is, on October 3, 2022.

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Parliament’s latest privilege allows the government to sweep a clean slate and announce the topics it intends to focus its efforts on in the coming months. The months that will soon turn into an election campaign are insofar as the elections are scheduled in advance under Quebec law.

The Prime Minister announced on 7 October that he would adjourn Parliament, prematurely shortening the previous session. Thus, this concession terminated the work of the National Assembly on all bills that had not yet been adopted.

As a new session opens, the government selects the bills it deems necessary to resume work where it left off. Other projects die in the series, so to speak.

The last time a Quebec prime minister adjourned the Legislative Assembly was in 2011.

A government in a vacuum, denounces the opposition

Liberal leader Dominic Engled said Tuesday morning Don’t expect anything new From Legault’s government in so far as it will continue to rule as it did for three years, that is, in a vacuum.

I have not seen the Prime Minister go to consult with parents, I have not seen the Prime Minister go to consult the nurses, he has not consulted people in daycare services or even entrepreneurs.Mrs. Engled noted.

We have a prime minister who makes decisions in his ivory tower, makes decisions with some of his ministers and decides in an autocratic way, telling us how to think, what to think, and even, as we could see. Recently, how to vote. When we were asked to vote for the Conservative Party.

Quebec Solidere parliamentary leader, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, lamented the absence of environmental considerations in the major changes promised by the commission.

Yesterday, François Legault gave us his first election ad, he said. There were beautiful images that were very well shot, but one theme was missing: combating climate change and the environment.

Economy and pride are good, but it will mean nothing if the planet dies. Prosperity would be impossible on a dead planet.

Quote from:Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, Parliamentary Leader of Quebec City Solidere

Change projects in 2021 Without climate projects, that means nothing. In 2021, you cannot be a leader, no matter where in the world you are, without also being an environmental leader., Mr. Nadeau Dubois mentioned.

At Party Quebecwe, leader Paul Saint-Pierre of Blamondon recalled the promises of changes recently introduced by François Legault.

It’s good because we’ve been waiting for things to change for a long timeThe leader of the Justice and Development Party, who accuses the government of ruling by ballot, said In the little week, without being able to display company project or A coherent long-term vision to Quebec.

I see a lot of focus in this government, a lot of budget, in communications and advertising, but a little bit of courage and a little consistency.

Quote from:Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon, leader of the Parti Québécois

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