French presidency | Trudeau shows his preference for Macron

(Ottawa) Justin Trudeau said it’s up to the French to choose who will be in charge of France, Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron, but for Canada, the outgoing president’s re-election will be good news.

Posted yesterday at 6:05pm.

Melanie Marquez

Melanie Marquez

The day after the controversy between the two candidates looking to the presidency for the next five years, and just days before the vote, the Prime Minister of Canada showed his colors. After cautiously emphasizing that it was a “very important decision for the French,” he admitted siding with Emmanuel Macron.

“I must note that for several years, I have had the honor and pleasure to work alongside President Macron, both on climate change, both in terms of inclusive economic growth, both on international issues and the protection of democracy,” he said on the sidelines of the announcement Thursday noon.

Justin Trudeau concluded: “And I can say that it would be a good thing for Canada for the world to continue working with Emmanuel in the years to come.”

The French were called to the polls on Sunday for the second round of the presidential election.

Numerous opinion polls give the lead to President Macron.

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