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From Hockey Canada to the Habs: Meet Ben Shotron

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Montreal – The new Canadian explorer knows what it takes to win; He only did that in his hockey career.

After winning a Memorial Cup, two National League Championships and the Hlinka Gretzky Cup, Ben Shutron hung his skate shoes and jumped with Hockey Canada onto the international stage, where he most recently held the position of general manager of the Canadian team. In the 2021 World Junior Championships.

His time with Hockey Canada allowed him to develop his style of recruiting, his approach to hockey and life, and his taste for the characteristics a potential client would be looking for.

“I will never forget the first thing [le vice-président des opérations de Hockey Canada] Scott Salmond told me when he hired me. “Make sure you’re the toughest roomman,” he told me, joins Shotron, who used to work part-time as Scouts for Canadians before joining regularly for coverage of Western Canada. “With the national team, it is like in the national league when you work long hours. You do more than what is required of you in order to win gold medals and provide a rewarding experience for all of the participants. The other thing that I focus a lot on is treating people the way you like to be treated, i.e. With respect.

“You might be very competitive and very motivated, and there will be ups and downs, and the most important thing I learned from Scott is the importance of treating people well. They will never forget it, continues Shotron. I think that’s what makes Canada Hockey so special. It’s a first-class organization with great people.” There are many similarities between Hockey Canada and the Montreal Canadiens: their work ethic, personality and the way they treat people. It’s more than just hockey.

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The 32-year-old Shotron has been fortunate to be part of several great teams, including the Canadian team that won the Spengler Cup in 2019 and the silver medalist at the 2021 World Junior Championships. To keep a close eye on one of the most promising prospects for Canadians.

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“I’ve been fortunate to see Kayden Jahl playing since joining the U-17 program.” Shotron said of the final team pick in the first round, “The first thing that sets Kaiden apart is that he is a good person.” His maturity and professionalism give us the impression that he is older than his age. He does everything the right way: He is well prepared, has a good routine, takes care of his body and is a true professional. The best thing is that he is only 18 years old.

“It’s still getting better, it’s still getting better as a player, it’s easy to manage,” Shotron said. Coaches don’t always need to be on top of things. It’s just someone we’d love to be in the locker room and on their team. “

Shotron also adds that there are many things to love about Guhle other than the intangible.

“When we got to recruiting him, we were congratulating each other behind the scenes because we knew his potential, we knew what he was capable of and that things would only get better for him,” said the former defender. He is an exceptional skater, a great athlete, whose lower body is very solid. Add to that his stride, slip, back muscle chain, strength, competitive edge … and I think he can hatch offensively. He’s a great player, but above all, he’s a great guy and we think he’ll do well with the Montreal Canadiens. “

Blackhawk drafted him in the fourth round in 2006, and Shotron admits his flair for personality has developed when it comes time to rate a player.

“I was a big fan of good skaters and believed in speed in order to play fast, but over the years I’ve learned that fun, personality and level of competition are at the top. Shotron says the most important elements in an optimistic player are if you don’t see the game well, and if you don’t compete and you’re not a good person.” He has a good personality, you’ll never be able to play in the NHL. ”

“The meaning of the game translates into decision making: making the right decisions at the right time, prioritizing team success, and doing whatever it takes to win,” says Shitron. When I go to the circuit to notice a player’s sense of play, I want to see how he behaves in possession of the disc. I want to see what decisions he makes in the defense zone. Does it fold well? Did you discover a teammate? Does it position itself correctly? Can he play with system and structure? Can he get information from his coaches and adapt? It’s about all these little details and having a good idea about the game, but I think it all starts with a player’s love for their sport, and this is something that develops when you’re young. Omar. “

Shotron’s values ​​on and off the ice were greatly influenced by the Canadian hockey mindset, but he was also fortunate to develop it, while he was still playing, with another Canadian company who has great culture and good values. The new placement of the citizen of Orleans with the Habs will also allow him to reconnect with old ties.

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“When I was in college, I worked as a student representative with Molson Coors in the Ottawa area. It was a great way not only to learn the Molson mindset, but also to learn how to treat people well. I got to know the Molson family way of doing things, and how they treat The people, the values ​​you need to be successful in life.I imagine the circle kind of becoming a full circle.When you find yourself in the world of the Montreal Canadiens family and the entire organization, you understand why it is one of the most successful companies in the sports world and why Molson is one of the brands that He is the most successful in the world. That’s how I got the flair, not wanting to play with words. “

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