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RE Village and RE: Verse indulge (release date, PS5 show, videos)

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The PS5 demo, release date, and two Resident Evil Village videos are spoiled. Its RE: Verse has also been confirmed and will be freely distributed with the game.

The The Resident Evil Showcase has ended With so many things to remember on two completely opposite fronts: the solo, Resident Evil Village, And multiplayer Reflects. Because yes, the two are closely related Resident Evil 3 And the Resist Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Village (picnic, info, and trailers)

The news ball starts with The release date of the resident village To note in your agenda: it will be May 7, 2021 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam) … but also on PS4 and Xbox One.

As with most games, The PS5 and Xbox Series release will be free if you have a copy of the game on the older generation (PS4 and Xbox One)., across the Smart Delivery côté Xbox And a New generation update on the PlayStation side.

At the same address now and as can be said before CapcomStill focus on it Ethan Winters Who would have to go From village to castle to save a specific character.

This will not be alone and will receive Help from a dealer – No, it’s not the old lady who refutes the rumors – whoever calls herself “duke” (Not the B20 either), forPurchase items or upgrade weapons, for example.

To hurt you This time the task will be assigned The 31-year-old mega-lady, Mrs. Demetrisko, and her daughters who can vaporize into insects.

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Aside from some atmospheric quiet walkways, the videos are numbered with the action that should have a prominent place because you’ll be able to Counter attacks, And that this operation qualifies as “Important” By the producer Peter Fabiano. Alternative to escape and attack.

Before moving on, A free trial version of PS5 “Maiden” – weighing 3.951 GB – is now available, But to everyone’s liking, the publisher plans Seconds in the spring on all platforms. The first will not involve a fight and will put you in the shoes of the little girl, who must clearly flee from her detention. We download this to give you complete feedback.

Reply: Aya, multiplayer rescue

Capcom does not give up Multiplayer Resident Evil And even less than that This episode is subtitled The Village.

So I welcome joyfully (or not) Resident RE: verse, Which is multiple in it 4 to 6 players lead the distinct characters (Claire Redfield, Leon S Kennedy …) is out of saga, however Also revelation (enemies …).

So it will be Free if you have Resident Evil VillageOddly enough, It is above all the PS4, Xbox One and PC mode, which will be backwards compatible on the PS5 and Xbox Series.

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