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Fun & Free Things to Do in Winnipeg This Weekend

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Winnipeg, the heart of the Canadian Prairies, offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and outdoor experiences for visitors and locals alike. With a diverse and vibrant community, there are always plenty of fun and free things to do in the city. This weekend is no exception, as we explore various activities to make your time in Winnipeg memorable without breaking the bank.

Fun & Free Things to Do in Winnipeg This Weekend

1. Visit The Forks

Situated at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, The Forks is a must-visit destination in Winnipeg. With its bustling public market, walking trails, parks, and historic sites, there’s always something happening here. Enjoy the public art installations, street performers, and take in the stunning views of the city skyline. Don’t forget to visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which offers free admission on certain days.

2. Stroll through the Exchange District

The Exchange District, a 20-block area in downtown Winnipeg, is known for its well-preserved historic buildings, art galleries, and vibrant street life. This National Historic Site is perfect for a leisurely stroll, where you can admire the stunning architecture and take in the lively atmosphere. Look out for special events like outdoor movie nights or free concerts during weekends.

3. Discover the Assiniboine Park

Spanning over 1,100 acres, Assiniboine Park is one of Winnipeg’s premier green spaces, offering something for everyone. Visit the beautiful English Garden, Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, or pack a picnic and spend a day surrounded by lush foliage. The park also features playgrounds, sports fields, and the Assiniboine Park Zoo, which has discounted admission on specific days.

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4. Take a Bike Ride along the Red River

For those who enjoy cycling, Winnipeg has several picturesque bike trails, including the popular Red River trail. Cycle through lush parks and green spaces, and take in the beautiful sights of the city. Don’t have a bike? No problem! Winnipeg has a bike-sharing program, making it easy to explore the city on two wheels.

5. FortWhyte Alive

Explore the wonders of nature at FortWhyte Alive, a 640-acre nature reserve on the outskirts of Winnipeg. Home to lakes, forests, and prairie grasslands, this destination offers opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and wildlife spotting. Entry is free during specific hours, so plan your visit accordingly.

6. Art Gallery Crawl

Winnipeg is known for its thriving arts scene, boasting several galleries showcasing both local and international talent. Spend a day hopping from one gallery to another and immerse yourself in the world of art. Some of the galleries to check out include the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG), the Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery, all offering free admission on certain days or hours.

7. Attend a Free Outdoor Event

Throughout the year, Winnipeg hosts various free outdoor events and festivals, ranging from music performances to cultural celebrations. Keep an eye on the local event calendar and plan your weekend around any free events taking place.

8. Unearth the Past at the Manitoba Legislative Building

The grand and historic Manitoba Legislative Building is an architectural marvel and a symbol of Winnipeg’s rich history. Take a self-guided tour or join one of the free guided tours offered on weekends to learn about the building’s design, stories, and political history.

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9. Step Back in Time at the Saint-Boniface Museum

Located in Winnipeg’s French Quarter, the Saint-Boniface Museum is housed in a former Grey Nuns’ convent and is one of the oldest remaining structures in the city. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Franco-Manit Manitoban culture, and offers free admission on specific days. While in the neighborhood, stroll through the charming streets, visit the historic St. Boniface Cathedral, and admire the stunning views of downtown Winnipeg across the river.

10. Enjoy the Murals of West Broadway and Wolseley

The neighborhoods of West Broadway and Wolseley are known for their colorful and eclectic murals. These murals depict various themes, including social issues, cultural identity, and history. Spend an afternoon exploring the streets, appreciating the talent of local artists, and snapping some Instagram-worthy shots.

11. Discover the Living Prairie Museum

The Living Prairie Museum is a 30-acre tallgrass prairie preserve located in the heart of Winnipeg. This urban oasis offers an opportunity to learn about the native prairie ecosystem and its importance. Wander along the self-guided trails, enjoy bird-watching, or join one of the free educational programs held during weekends.

12. Skate at The Forks (Winter Activity)

During the winter months, The Forks becomes a hub for winter activities, including ice skating. Bring your own skates or rent a pair, and glide along the picturesque Red River Mutual Trail or the on-land skating trails. If you visit during the annual Great Ice Show, don’t miss the incredible ice sculptures and warming huts designed by international artists.

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13. Explore the Trails of Birds Hill Provincial Park

Located just a short drive from Winnipeg, Birds Hill Provincial Park offers over 30 km of trails for hiking, cycling, and cross-country skiing in the winter. This scenic park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. Entry to the park is free during certain hours, so plan your visit accordingly.

14. Attend a Free Workshop or Class

Winnipeg is a city that encourages learning and personal growth. Check out the local libraries, community centers, and universities for free workshops, classes, or events. Topics may include creative writing, painting, gardening, yoga, or even cooking. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new and meet like-minded individuals.


Winnipeg’s rich cultural tapestry, coupled with its picturesque landscapes, provides endless opportunities for entertainment and exploration without breaking the bank. The city’s love for art, history, nature, and community shines through in the variety of free activities available. So gear up, invite some friends, and make the most of this wonderful city this weekend. There’s no better time than now to uncover the hidden gems of Winnipeg!

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