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Khabib Nurmagomedov Says Conor McGregor Is ‘Pack of Stool’

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After retiring from mixed martial arts, Khabib Nurmagomedov spoke harsh words toward his former rival Conor McGregor, and did not hesitate to question his ability to return to the top of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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Apparently the person who defeated the Irish in a duel for the lightweight title in 2018 wasn’t a fan of McGregor’s short night of work during UFC 264 on Saturday. Notorious surrendered with a broken ankle at the end of the first round of his fight against Dustin Poirier. His troubles also made him run under the knife and in Nurmagomedov’s eyes he would never be the same in the octagon again.

“Without those broken legs, yes. But with this problem, he wouldn’t be able to kick like he used to, he told ESPN. I don’t think he’d go back to the top. On the other hand, they remain excellent for promotion.”

The true nature of people

Next, the ex-fighter explained his thinking about the man McGregor more. He remembers the insults he had heard from him in the past.

“Fame and money show who you are. We hear all the time that fame and dollars change the world. No. When fame and money come into the picture, these are the things that make it clear who you are. And what did McGregor do? He hit an old man [dans un bar en 2019], He said. As Dustin said, this guy is a bundle of dung.”

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It is clear that Nurmagomedov has a lot to say about his “great friend”.

“I see a lot of posts on Twitter in support of him. He asked himself how are you going to cheer this young man when young people and younger generations watch and watch this sport? If the mixed martial arts community encourages these bad guys, then this sport is headed for a deep rift.”

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