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Google destroys giant robots

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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These bots have infected a million devices and are spreading fast. Google temporarily neutralized it and decided to sue two of its Russian officials.

After neutralized by Microsoft plenty malicious websites Exploited by hackers backed by China, it’s time google browser to make advertisement About dismantling the giant robots. Called Glupteba, these complex robots targets Computers Powered by Windows. It has the particularity of protecting itself using blockchain technology.

I remember that robots Consists of a network of connected devices Internet Those infected with malware put them under the control of hackers. They use this network for malicious purposes, for example to participate in it Spam emails Or they commit their crimes without suspicion. Altogether, the Glupteba bots included about one million devices. It was growing at a rate of several thousand new PCs per day. its carriers radioactive contamination It was based on corrupt ads that were posted in particular via from Google ads. Its main use was to steal user credentials and data. It has also been used in minage of cryptocurrencies.

Lawsuit against operators

Google teams have successfully disrupted the command and control infrastructure to the point that operators robots They lost control of it. Google considers that the advanced architecture depends on blockchain It will allow its managers to gradually regain control.

There are hackers in Russia according to specialists cyber security from Google. There would be two and the experts would have identified them as Dmitry Starovykov and Alexander Filippov. The company did not stop at the technical level, and the Internet giant also filed a lawsuit against those responsible for this network, and this is the first! The complaint was filed in the Southern District of New York in the United States. With this action, Google hopes to deter bot operators. It remains to be seen if they are sensitive to this type of attack.

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