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Gruissan: The Internet is a different approach

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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An information session and board game to discover and use the Internet while reducing pollution caused by abusive and irrational practices.

Saturday October 8 From 2-5 p.m., at the Palais des Congrès, Luc Rubiello, President of the Innooo (Open Online Innovation) Association, will lead an information session on good practices to do online.

The association, recognized as being of public interest, is working to develop an independent French-speaking Internet search engine and a social network equivalent to the networks currently in use. The first provides the most relevant information possible without commercial links or advertisements. The second allows sending SMS, videos and photos. Innooo comes from Mastodon, a German-origin social networking consortium.

The idea is to alert the public to the dangers of the dominance of the five most powerful companies in the Western internet world, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, referred to by the acronym Gafam. using the game NaughtyLuc Rubiello, the association’s mascot of 160 flashcards, will allow participants to gain the right feedback and improve their practice to improve the Internet while having fun. The game is based on reading questions, making it accessible to everyone and at any age without any prior technical knowledge. It has been enriched by the experience gained over time by 150 IT professionals and thousands of members of the Innooo community. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team, along with a certificate of good practice, which is very useful for young people who are looking for an internship and to enhance their CV when applying for a job. It is advisable to practice before the session on the site that provides documentary sources of information on the 164 game cards.

During the session, they will also be reminded of the dangers of excessive exposure to screens of all kinds, the harmful consequences of which have now been proven for health.

In addition, Luc Rebelo will alert about the dangers of widespread pollution associated with the misuse of the Internet (streaming, in particular, is a huge energy consumer).

Currently, the first polluter in the world is China, followed by the United States. The Internet comes in third, which cannot be neglected. If we continue to use it in the same way, the Internet will take first place in 2030. This bleak future is not inevitable, and a virtuous collective approach can reverse this trend.

Free entry (maximum 40 people). Information and training: www.innooo.fr (naughty game tab).

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