Haiti | Former President Aristide returns at the funeral of the assassinated president

(Port-au-Prince) The funeral of the slain Haitian president will take place on July 23, authorities announced Friday, as supporters of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide greeted in Port-au-Prince after undergoing treatment. treatment in Cuba.

Jovenel Moise’s funeral will take place on July 23 in Cap-Haitien, the government announced, nine days after the leader was assassinated at his home by an armed commando.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said at a press conference that his wife, Martine Moyes, who was injured during the attack and taken to hospital in Miami, should return to Haiti for the funeral.

Haitian police have arrested about 20 people, including several former Colombian soldiers accused of joining the special forces that came to kill Jovenel Moise, but there are still significant gray areas in the investigation.

Colombian police, which is also investigating, said Friday, that former Haitian Ministry of Justice official Joseph-Félix Badiou ordered two Colombian mercenaries to assassinate the president.

Jorge Vargas, the Colombian police chief, said the commandos were originally instructed to arrest Mr. Moyes, until instructions changed, about three days before the operation.

Joseph-Felix Badiou is the subject of a research note launched by Haitian authorities, such as former Senator John Joel Joseph, both of whom are described as “dangerous and armed” individuals.

However, Colombian law enforcement did not say whether Joseph Félix Badiou had acted on a bail order, or the reasons for giving direction.

“The investigation will be successful.”

Haitian police on Sunday arrested the alleged sponsor, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian from Florida.

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The apparent ease with which the assailants were able to kill Jovenel Moussa raised suspicions in his security team, as its commander Dimitri Herrar and three other officials were placed in solitary confinement, and 24 officers were subjected to precautionary measures.

“The investigation will be successful,” Claude Joseph promised Friday, stressing that this investigation was “the most important thing for him.”

At the same time, former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to the island, waiting for him by several hundred of his supporters.


Hundreds of supporters of Jean-Bertrand Aristide crowded the path of the ambulance that took him to his private residence in Tabaré.

He had traveled to Cuba at the end of June to receive treatment for COVID-19.

A former Catholic priest, Mr. Aristide was the first elected president of Haiti. He was overthrown by a coup in 1991, and he went into exile, before returning to Haiti in 1994 after US intervention.

He then became president again in 2001, and resigned in 2004 under pressure from the United States, France, and Canada, in the face of armed rebellion and a popular rebellion.

He then joined South Africa, before returning to Haiti again in 2011.

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